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Moviefriday: Mirror mirror

September 11, 2015

Mirror mirror

Title: Mirror mirror

Starring: Julia Roberts, Lily Collins and Armie Hammer

I think I’ve always loved fairytails. In many ways they are very black and white; some of the people are only wicked and the other ones are only good. Not very realistic, but it’s a fairytail, they are not supposed to be realistic.

I want to believe that most people know the story of Snow white. She and her father are close, her mother is dead. The king, her father, remarries, but the new queen is jealous of Snow white, and when her father dies, the queen order Snow white killed. Things don’t go as the queen plans, so Snow white survives. This will of course change everything.

In so many fairytails the main girl in the story is a damsel in distress that needs saving. But the times are evolving, the girls are getting better at standing up for themselves πŸ™‚

I loved the mirror that the queen (Roberts) walked through, how she ended up in a in-between place (at least that’s what it looked like). The dwarves were amazing and funny. The prince, not that convinced about him, honestly, he fell a little flat for me. Which is sad because I thought Snow (Collins) was convincing. The queen (Roberts) was good, but I wouldn’t have minded a bit more of an evil streak in her. I like princess movies, and this one was really entertaining, even though I didn’t love everything about it. It was a very cute movie, but I don’t think I will rewatch it.


What to do?

September 9, 2015

This was my first blog and I started it because I love books and I wanted to remember what I was reading. I kept the blog going for a while, and then I had a breake. After that I started it up again. The reason I started a blog in english was because I wanted to force myself to write in english, not just read in english. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now, and I like it.

On the other hand, I’ve started a norwegian bookblog to. Sometimes when I read books in norwegian, I find it hard to write about them in english. I have a job and a life, and sometimes life takes more time than others which means the blog suffer. The biggest reason I feel it’s suffering is because I want to update both of them, I don’t want them to feel neglected and lonely. Which is why I’m considering what to do. Will I continue to stretch myself thin sometimes to keep both blogs, or do I quit one of them?

Yes, I’m writing these blogs for myself, but if others find something useful on them, I’ll be a very happy girl πŸ™‚ The question now is: do I keep this blog? Because if I’m going to quit one of the blogs, it will be the english one that will have to go 😦 Partly because if I keep the norwegian one, I’ll probably use it a little bit in my job, and it’s easier when things are already in norwegian…

If anyone out there reads my blog, would you be so kind as to help me choose? πŸ™‚

Simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda

September 8, 2015

Simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda

Title: Simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda

Author: Becky Albertalli

Source: library

Simon Spier is sixteen and trying to work out who he is – and what he’s looking for. But when one of his emails to the very distracting Blue falls into the wrong hands, things get all kinds of complicated. Because, for Simon, falling for Blue is a big deal…

I’ve been hearing about this book for quite a while now, both on booktube and from different blogs. It sounded like a very cute book, and the theme is important, so I wanted to read it. I’m not sure how I will present this book to teens at my library, but I need them to read it because I think it is that good!

The book is about Simon. Simon has been emailing someone with the nickname Blue, they go to the same school, but don’t know who the other one is. Simon knows he’s gay, but he hasn’t come out to the world yet. The problem: one of Simon’s classmated, Martin Addison, sees his emails to Blue and blackmails him. Martin likes Simon’s friend Abby, and he tells Simon that he isn’t going to show Simons emails to anyone if he just gets a little help with her. This is causing a problem for Simon, including Simon not telling Blue about it. After all, neither of them are ready to tell the world they are gay.

I love Simon, I mean, how can you not? He’s a teenager, occasionally awkward, still trying to find out who he is and who he wants to be. He loves his friends and family. He doesn’t seem to struggle that much about being gay, but how to tell people, and who to tell first. He’s gotten to know Blue through emails, and they have this amazing connection; it’s quite adorable πŸ™‚

The interactions with the different people in this book is great. Some of what I liked was the different friendships; but I also liked Simon’s family. I’m just saying: what a family! Occasionally dorks with their own way of doing things, and almost their own language sometimes it seemed. In a lot of YA books, you don’t hear about the parents, they are many times just not there. That is not the case in this book, Simon’s parents are very much there, in both his and his sisters lives. Both this and the fact that the book was grounded in everyday life, made it so good. It made the book believeable. The family was real, Simons struggle with being blackmail, and sort of wanting to come out, was well written. I believe this book can happen. (I do hope that people would eventually raise above the blackmailing of gay people, but that will probably still take some time…)

Straight people should have to come out too. The more awkward it is, the better.

It’s a holy freaking huge awesome deal.

Moviefriday: Batman & Robin

September 4, 2015

Batman & Robin

Title: Batman & Robin

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney, Chris O’Donnell, Uma Thurman and Alicia Silverstone

Batman and Robin are back working side-by-side to stop the villains of Gotham City, but there is tension appearing between them, especially when one villainess who calls herself Poison Ivy can make anyone fall in love with her…literally. Along with Poison Ivy, the ice Mr. Freeze is freezing anything which gets in his way from achieving his goal.

This movie first came out in 1997, and I did see it not long after (I think), and I just watched it again. I still find the movie amusing πŸ™‚

The characters:

Bruce/Batman: He’s the rich guy who wants to save the world (or at least Gotham City). He is trying to be a hero by putting away villains/criminals/bad guys, and it’s working quite well. Everyone know that Batman will be there to save them if they need help. Bruce does have a soft spot for his butler: Alfred, he might even think of him as family. He doesn’t evolve much during the movie, although he does think a bit more about family and about Robin as his partner and not his sidekick in the end.

Dick Grayson/Robin: Since I don’t remember seeing other Batman-movies at the moment, I don’t really know which relationship Bruce and Robin have (someone tell me please, that way I won’t have to google it… πŸ™‚ ) He is easily enarmoured by pretty women, and feels like he’s living in Batman’s shadow.

Barbara Wilson/Batgirl: Sure, she does have some asskicking to do, but mostly (at least to me) she’s there to be pretty/hot.

Mr. Freeze/Dr. Victor Fries: a coldhearted man that want’s the world to be as misrable as he is. He still have love for his wife though.

Poison Ivy/Dr. Pamela Isley: Her transformation fasinated me. I wouldn’t want to meet her though, I quite like humans walking the earth…

Alfred Pennyworth: he’s always in the shadow and he knows everything at all times. I’ve been wondering; how is he capable of making all the things for Batman and Robin, and Batgirl..? The costumes and the vehicles.. how?

Out of these characters, Alfred is my favourite with Poison Ivy as a close second. After all Poison Ivy is a rather kick-ass female character πŸ™‚

The plot of the movie was okay, but not really that special. Usually I don’t care that much about goofs like clothes changehing when they’re not supposed to. There was one thing that did bug me though, when something freezes, if it’s being turned, it will break… At least that happened for a lot of the things, but they seemed to have missed that little detail in the end of the movie… Apart from that, I enjoyed the movie πŸ™‚

September TBR

September 1, 2015

I read thirteen books in august! (sure, two of them were graphic novels, but still, thirteen πŸ™‚ ) I don’t like to sound like a pessimist, but I don’t think I will have time to read that many books in september. Still, I have a nice list for what I want to read in september…

I want to start off september with finally reading Ready player one! Then I need to read some norwegian books for work: De dΓΈdes by, Motstanderne, and Magisterium_1_JERNPROEVEN_154,5x238.indd (the last one – The iron trial –Β  I wanted to read anyway). By then I will have a booktalk for some 7th graders. Next I want to read Marsboeren, though the version I’m going to read is translated into norwegian. After that I will start reading in english again. I’ll start off with a book I didn’t get to last month: Golden son. I will start with some manga: Fairy tail #1, before I continue on with some more of Ernest Cline (if I like Ready player one) Armada. Hoping to end the month of september on a high note (if I get to all the books), I’ll finish with Dream country.

This means I’m hoping my total this month will be: one graphic novel, one manga and seven books.

What are you hoping to read in the month of september?

I almost forgot, I need (mostly want) to read an e-arc I’ve gotten a little while back, because it’s coming out soon. Half wild by Sally Green is coming out in norwegian 7th of september in Norway πŸ™‚

Moviefriday: Winter’s tale

August 28, 2015

Winter's tale

Title: Winter’s tale

Starring: Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay and Russell Crowe

In a mythic New York City in the 1800’s, a burglar meets a dying young woman. Falling irrevocably in love with her, his only option is to discover a way to stop time and bring her back from death.

Yes, I wanted to watch this movie because Colin Farrell is starring in it. What can I say; he’s hot! (even with the slightly weird haircut). I was expecting a cute romance, and I did get that. Along with a little mythical mystery. The burglar, Peter Lake, did do some character-growth by the end, but that was about it. Some characters died while other lived. I loved the horse πŸ™‚

It was a very cute movie. I found myself wanting to write down a lot of what was said, it was quote-worthy (is that a real word?). When Peter Lake meets Beverly Penn in the beginning, this is part of their conversation:

What’s the best thing you’ve ever stolen?

I’m beginning to think I haven’t stolen it yet.

The next quote is taken out of context, but it still rings very true:

No life is more important than another.

The whole movie is a bit of romance, a bit of love, and very magical πŸ™‚

The fifth gospel

August 25, 2015

The fifth gospel

Title: The fifth gospel

Author: Ian Caldwell

Source: library

A lost gospel, a relic, and a dying pope’s final wish send two brothers – both Vatican priests – on a quest to untangle Christianity’s biggest mystery.

Not quite sure what to say about this book; I liked the mystery. I’m not a christian, so the two different christianities confused me. I did understand that there were some differences, but aren’t they both about kindness and forgiveness? Some of the differences where explained, but I did use a long time reading this book, so I don’t remember it all.

I understand that the four gospels are different, and John is more theological than the other three. Does the Diatessaron exist? Is there really a fifth gospel? I do have some questions, and I do like books that make me curious. I like learning about different religions. I find it fasinating that so many people it this world believe in something they can’t see. In some ways I envy the ones that have faith, they believe in something bigger than themselves, and I think that is a great thing. The shroud, is it real? Yes, I know I could probably just google a lot of it to try to find a lot of the questions, but at the moment, I’m not going to. (feel free to answer my questions if you want to) Mostly, the differences between the priest and bishops and other was interesting, but since I don’t remember everything I read, it was also at times confusing for me.

This is a very bad review, in fact I realised that it’s not so much a review as me just rambeling. I make it a point to write about every book that I read, just so I will remember what I was thinking.

The sandman #1 and #2

August 21, 2015

Preludes & nocturnes The doll's house

I have started reading The sandman by Neil Gaiman. So far I’ve read the two first volumes, and I really liked them. What I’m not sure of however is how to write about graphic novels. I liked them, and I think I liked the story. I’m still not used to pictures with my text again, it’s going to take some time. I found Dream to be a fasinating character, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of him and his story.

At the same time, the story confuses me a lot. It’s very surreal, the whole comic, but at the same time most of it does make a lot of sense. Both of the volumes had an overall storyarc with small stories within, which amuses me πŸ™‚ Not all the drawings are very detailed, but I sit and look at every single one of them. I did think that reading comics like this would take less time that reading a novel, I was wrong. Oh well, I’ve only read the first two volumes, so I have ten more to read πŸ™‚

The death cure

August 18, 2015

The death cure

Title: The death cure (The maze runner #3)

Author: James Dashner

Source: borrowed from the library

I listened to this on audiobook! I don’t usually listen to audiobooks, because I’m not used to it, and I don’t know how to find the time because I can’t just sit and listen, I need to do something. But I’ve been painting a bit in my house, and I realised that this was the perfect time to listen to an audiobook. That also meant that it took quite some time from I started until I finished the book. Not the best thing for me, because I had forgotten a lot of what happened at the beginning of the book when I got to the end. On the other hand, I started to read this book on paper, but I didn’t like it all that much. I did like the audiobook, and I liked the narrator, so that was a good start of my audiobookadventure πŸ™‚

Β I loved The maze runner, but didn’t care much for The scorch trials, so I was a bit uncertain whether I wanted to read this book at all. There was a lot of action in this book, it almost got exhausting. I did have some suspisions about some people, some of it was right. I did not like WICKED, yes, they were supposed to make a cure for the flare. They way they went about it though, not cool!

It was an enjoyable audiobook, but not one I will remember for a long time. It was a good conclusion to the trilogy. I don’t like to spoil the ending for people, but I will admit that it didn’t end quite the way I had pictured. The ending left me a little stunned, but happy.

This has left me uncertain whether or not I want to read The kill order, which is the prequel to the trilogy.

Have you read the trilogy, or only some of the books? Should I read The kill order?

Discussion: reviews, sequels and spoilers

August 16, 2015

I don’t do a lot of discussion-posts, but spoilers in reviews, and for sequels of books have been on my mind lately…

I do like reading other peoples reviews, it gives me an impression about the book. Sometimes I’ve heard of the book earlier, other times not. I like knowing about the plot and the characters. But: I don’t like spoilers. I think that goes for a lot of people. Spoilers are in general a big no, no. I don’t want to accidently spoil someone else on a book I’ve read and am writing about either, but sometimes it’s hard. I get it. Sometimes I even feel that the synopsis on the back of the book kind of spoils it a little too. In my opinion the synopsis of the book should only consist of events from the first third of the book, preferably less. Though, a couple of times lately I’ve read books where the synopsis mentions things that happens in the last half of the book 😦 I feel like I’m waiting for things to happen because it has been mentioned in the synopsis, and when it finally happens, it’s in the last part of the book and I kind of feel cheated.

The same problem occur when writing a review for a sequel to a book. I don’t want to accedently spoil people on the first book(s) in the serie, but sometimes it can’t be helped. That is in many ways a better way to spoil people. Because sometimes events of the first(s) book in the serie have to be mentioned if the review of the sequels are to make sense.

I’ve been spoil on some books in reviews because they are sequels and sometimes it seems that people forget to mention that it is a sequels. I’m sure I’ve done the same mistake many times, but I’m trying to be better. In my reviews I write the title and the author first in the blogpost. That is also were i write if it’s a sequel.

As I said in the beginning, I love reading reviews and see what other people think of the book that I’ve read, maybe it will help give me a better understanding of the books. When I read reviews of book I’ve read I always check out the comments (if there are any) and read them too. Many times people have seen other things than I have in a book and I love that! πŸ™‚ I will admit this is why I usually read reviews for book after I’ve read the books myself, I don’t want to be accendently spoil.

What are your thoughts on reviews of sequels? And what about spoilers in general in reviews? (and in the comment-section…)

If you’ve read any of my reviews, do you think I’m doing what I’m sometimes accusing other people for? Am I spoiling books in my reviews? (I try not to, but what people consider to be a spoiler is different sometimes…)