The Replacement

The replacement is a book by Brenna Yovanoff. The book was different, but you could still find the struggel between the good and the bad in it. But who was the bad ones really? The ones who stole kids  was considered bad, but what about the people who ignored what was happening, like nothing was wrong, maybe they were the true bad ones. We didn’t get a good name for the replacements, so that’s the name they have. Mackie, the main character, is a replacement, and most of the people close to him knows that. But what happens when he meets the ones he was suppose to be with, does he fit in or is he lost in between everything and everyone? Once an outsider, always an outsider. But is beeing an outsider necesserly bad? or is it considered bad because most people try there hardest to fit in?

Some people want to fit in, but find it hard, they haven’t cracked the code so to speak. But what about those who want to stand out every once in a while, but don’t know how to do it, or they are afraid that if they do stand out to much, people might not see them for who they are any more. I think that everyone should be who they are (and who they want to be). But by saying that I’m making myself into a hypocrit in a way, because sometimes I wish I was more me. I feel like I should be old enough to know who I am, but sometimes I still wonder…

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