Girl in translation

Girl in translation is a book by Jean Kwok, an amazing book I might add. It’s about a girl and her mother that, with help from the girls aunt, move from Hong Kong to the US. The girl just to be the best student in clas, but in America she doesn’t really understand the language, which makes school difficult for her. In addition to that, she has to help her mother in the factory after school. Their apartment (if one can call it that) is a tiny space where they cover the broken windows with plastic, and they leave the stove on to get some heat. Eventually the girl learns the language, and goes on to basically live to different lives; one at school where she does really well, and one in the factory and at home with her mother.

The reason I loved this book so much is because the writer doesn’t exxagregate the storys to make them more dramatic. It seem like she just tell the story the way it is, nothing more but nothing less. The beauty lies within the simplicity of the book, straight forward, but still with so much emotions. Usually when I’m done with one book, I just rush to the next one, but after reading this book, I actually just sat still, thinking, for a moment.

I’m sure that the lives I read about in the book, are the lives of some many unfortunate people out there. But I don’t know what to do about that. I also feel blessed that I have the live that I do, with friends and family and enough money to eat and pay all my bills and enough heat in my apartment in the winter.

I also had enough money to go and visit a friend of mine in the city. We went out shopping (although none of us did a lot of shopping that day), and in the evening, we went out. We had a small pre-party first, and then we went out on the town and literary danced the night away 🙂 My feet were so sore the next day! (hey, that’s what I get for going out dancing in high-heeled boots, espesially since I never wear heels at work…)

Today I was at a job-intervju at a grocery-store. And yes, I know, I already have to jobs, but I want to buy a house, and to do that, I need more money. Wonder if I’ll get it? Oh well, they said that they’d let me know on friday, so I just have to wait…

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