Another book, and a cold…

I’m staying home from work today, because of a cold that makes me cough a lot. It sucks! Wonder if I’ll be going to work tomorrow? I was going to go to a cabin with friends the weekend of new years eve, with lots of fun and snowboarding. But since I’m worn out just walking up and down the stairs, I won’t go 😦 (I wouldn’t have been much fun anyway since I feel like I have been run over by a truck…) One of the things I hate the most about having a cold, is that I always feel like I’m going to freeze to death… That’s why I’m thankful for all the books I have borrowed from the library. My mom has always said that I probably wouldn’t even notice if the house was falling to pieces or burning to the ground around me when I’m reading a book I really like. I believe her, because whenever I find a book I really like, I don’t sense the cold (or if I’m hungry, or anything else for that matter).

Just finished reading Crossed by Ally Condie, it’s the sequel to Matched (which I have read before). In theese books the Society chooses everything, what you read, what music you listen to, who you will marry, what kind of job you get, and you die on your eightieth birtday. Mistakes doesn’t happen, the Society is perfect, or… at least that’s what they lead everyone to believe. Cassie is the female main character, when the Society are mathing her (choosing who she will marry), something happens. Instead of one person, two persons appear on her card, Xander and Ky. An Officer of the Society later approces her to explain that it was an experiment. But does the experiment goes as they plan? All of this happens in Matched.

In Crossed, Cassia learns a lot, about herself, and those around her. She goes looking for Ky, but she’s still thinking about Xander. Does she really know the truth about them? She faces hard challenges, and she rises to the occation. There is love, drama, friendship, the Society and a rebellion. There is something about the Society that reminds me of George Orwells book 1984. After all, the Society is always watching, it’s always controlling what you do, which makes people into sheeps. It makes them into the kind of sheeps that only do what the Society tells them to do, that way the stay healthy and alive, they don’t even have to think.

And even though I love to read storys about this, I find it scary. It’s scary because in todays society there are so many rules that we follow. And even though we sometimes cry out about injustice when new rules come, because we think that they limit out personal rights in some way. After a while we don’t think about it any more, we just live like the rules have always been there. We accept the rules, and take them as our own, even when, in the beginning, we didn’t like them and tried to not maked them valid. Those who rule, makes the rules, and in the end, we usually follow. But, there are always someone who stands up to the rules, that doesn’t just want to go along with them. I admired those people. The ones that stand up for what they believe in. I try to do the same, but I also try to make compromises a lot of times, because that’s how we learn to get along. I know we’re not all the same, but if we can all manage to get along, without to many rules, I think that would make a great society.

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