Happy New Year! and the last book of 2011…

Happy New Year! The last book I finished reading in 2011 was The hunger games by Suzanne Collins. I know it came out almost three years ago, and a friend of mine told me a long time ago that I simply had to read it, so now I’ve finally done it! I have to admit that when I read about the book, it reminded me of another book I’ve read before, Battle Royale by Koushun Takami. There it’s a glorious battle that happens every year, you never know witch schoolclass that will be picked until it actually happens. They don’t air the “game”, they just announce the winner when someone has won. They also have nifty little thing, a necklace that will blow them up if they enter the wrong area. It’s a really good book, though not for everyone. If you can’t stomach blood and gore, you might not want to read that book.

The hunger games is a game the Panem/Capitol has every year to prevent uprising in the districts. There are 12 districts, and a boy and a girl, between the age of 12 to 18 are picked every year to enter the games. You win and become famous, if you don’t win, it’s because you’re dead. (Kind of like Darwin, survival of the fittest…) The game is not all that elaborated, you win or you die, but since it’s made in to this festive thing that everyone has to watch, everything around the game is a big deal. All the children that is to play the game, trains together for a couple of days, then they show off, one by one, in front of some choosen people that give them grades based on what they were shown. If the players get a god grade, they are more likely to get sponsores that will help them during the game. Everyone in the game works with an angle. The story is raw, with friendship, love, hate and drama, it pulled me in and made me want to finish the hole book right away because I wanted to know what would happen to Katniss (the main girl). Would she survive? and what would happen to her if she did?

The hunger games is the first book in a triology, witch, of course, means that I will be reading the two other book as soon as I get them from the library. It will take some time, since I usually need to be waitlisted for good books.

It has been said that with a new year comes new beginnings. Well, that’s true, but I still have a cold (not good), and the first two days of the new year I have been late for work both days (not good either). Witch means that I rather say: new day, new beginning…Although tomorrow, I start late anyway, so I’ll probably make that at least 🙂 It snowed today. Not sure if I’m happy about it or not. I mean, I like the snow because it covers up a lot of thrash with that nice, white blanket, on the other hand, I might have to shuffle snow if it continues, and I’m not so crazy about that part…

When I heard about a book called: The filter bubble: What the internet is hiding from you by Eli Pariser, i wanted to look it up. I have started to read some in it, but there are so many books to read, so some books just take more time than others. And I have to admit I never thought about it, I just assumed that when different people google the same thing, they get the same hits, I was wrong. I don’t like to be wrong (but then again, who really does??)

“… personalized filters sever the synapses in that brain. Without knowing it, we may be giving ourselves a kind of global lobotomy…” (Pariser, 2011,p.19) wouldn’t want that to happen… I don’t want a lobotomy, so I’m thinking I should try to not just look at the same thing, or search for the same thing all the time. Try something new instead, after all, I might end up getting a nice surprise 🙂

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