Weekends over :(

This weekend has been the most relaxing weekend I’ve had in a long time. I had both saturday and sunday of from work, so yesterday almost all I did was read, but today I went out for a walk. The forest is so pretty with all the snow, it’s magical. The only problem with all the snow in the woods is of course that it makes it more exhausting to walk… But it was still a nice walk 🙂

As I just said, I’ve read more books, the first one I finished yesterday was The becoming by Jeanne C. Stein. The book is about Anna Strong, a bounty hunter, that after a job gone bad is turned into a vampire. Beeing a vampire is difficult, especially since the guy Anna views as her mentor is practically obsessed with her. Anna has a boyfriend, a partner at work and parents that she cares about, but that doesn’t mean she can tell them of what she has become. When her house burns down and her partner dissapears, she needs help. But can she really trust these new vampire-friends of hers? Are people really safe around her? Yet again I like the book I’ve just finished reading, which means that I will continue to read the next book in the serie to.

I’ve also finished reading Shadow kiss, which is a Vampire Academy novel, by Richelle Mead. The main character is still Rose, her best friend are still Lissa, and her crush is still Dimitri. Rose is still a little out of it because of what happend in the end of book two (Frostbite). But since it’s graduation soon, she needs to pass the tests, just like the rest of the dhampires. This is where the trouble and the drama starts, because everyone knows that because of the bond that Rose has with Lissa, she will be her guardian when they graduate. The problem is that for the test, Rose has to guard someone else. That is not the biggest problem however, because when Rose starts seeing ghost, she thinks she is going crazy (lets face it, who wouldn’t think they were crazy if they all of a sudden started to see ghosts?)

A lot of times it’s hard to say something about a book without revealing too much. I mean, I would like for other people to want to read the book based on what I’ve been telling them, but I wouldn’t want to tell to much. Because sometimes it feels like, after I’ve heard someone talk about a book, that I don’t have to read it, because they’ve said so much that I can mostly guess the ending.

I’ve got a lot of work next week, double work on monday, friday and saturday. Which just means that when sunday comes along, I’ll be exhausted. I’ll still go for a walk in the snow-covered forest though, and, of course, read some more. Well, now I’m off to bed (need to sleep before a long day, and week)… Good night 🙂

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