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Today was my day of from work this week, and all I did was sit inside and read fanfiction. I just didn’t have any energy, even though I really wish I had. The sun was shining bright, and it looked nice outside, but there are still a lot of snow. A part of me wanted to go outside, but I don’t like sliding around on the ice, so I just stayed inside.

I’ve read quite a few book lately, some of them for work (something I’m not done with yet). One of the books I plan on using for work is Blade 1: Playing dead by Tim Bowler. It’s a fairy short book with lots of action. The main character, Blade, is hiding from people. While hiding he gets beaten up by a gang of girls and they take his clothes. He then gets help from an old lady, but the people he is hiding from figures out where he is, and come to the old ladys house and break in. Blade runs, after all, it’s what he knows. Later he finds the leader of the gang of girls dead in the old ladys house, so yet again he needs to run. But are they really, those people he’s running from?

Another book I’m going to use for work, is a book called Gamer byTor Arve Røssland. From the title, it’s easy to figure out that it’s about gaming. A new computergame is released, and together with his friend, the main character buyes the game. The world of Faluza is where it all happens in the game. The problem is when some of the people that are in the same guild starts to get beaten up, and they have to try to figure out who it is. It’s a good, but short book, so I’m hoping to maybe sway some of the guys that doesn’t read much to try it out.

Linn T. Sunne has written a book called Saiko, it’s in norwegian. It’s another short book. Ella is the maincharacter, she has a crush on Simon. During the summerbreak from school, something happens, a picture is taken. A picture Saiko took of Ella that she doesn’t want anyone to see. This leads to blackmailing. And you realise that some things are harder to talk about than others. It’s doesn’t help that Ella is fourteen years old, and ashamed of that one little mistake she made. I liked this book, you soon realised what had happened, and why she couldn’t talk about it. What kept me going was the fact I wanted to know how Ella would deal with everything.

I also read some book just because I wanted to 🙂 One of the was number four in the serie Vampire academy, Blood promise by Richelle Mead. In this book Rose has set out to find Dimitri, after all she knew that he didn’t want to live on since he was turned into a Strigoi. Since Rose loves Dimitri, she will do the hardest thing of them all, she are going to kill the man she loves. But no one said live was going to be easy. Rose has to leave behind her life, her friends, to kill her love. She travels alone, doesn’t really know where to go, and when she ends up somewhere, things don’t play out the way she expects them to. I know this turned out less than informativ, but it’s a while since I finished the book, and I’m already waiting for the next one (from the library of course).

One the cover of the next book I read, it said: “Twilight fans will love it”, after reading it I’m not quite sure why. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good and entertaining book. But the main character is nothing like Bella Swan, Kaylee is a girl who screams bloody murder when someone next to her is going to die. The book is My soul to take by Rachel Vincent. Kaylee is a girl who wants to have a normal life, but since her mother is dead, her father is living in another country, she’s living with her aunt, uncle and cousin, and she’s not normale. And when her world first starts to go a little nuts, everything tumbles down on her. To bad she doesn’t know why she’s not normale. I admire her guts to do things though, she doesn’t sit around and wait for things to happen. She goes out for what she wants, even though some people are trying to tell her not to. I liked the book, but it wasn’t what I though it was going to be. But, I should know better than to try to make something out of a book before I read it. I also admit that I don’t really like it when it’s stated on the cover of the book that just because someone liked one book, that they automaticly should like another book. It’s not always true! But I guess I can’t complain too much, after all, I do something similar sometimes at work. I ask people about which book they like, and if they want something similar to that…

The last book of today is Finding Sky by Joss Stirling. In this book, Sky is the main character. She’s starting a new school. And, yes, I tend to continue with similar book-types. It’s got supernaturale things, some good, some bad, some romance og some friendship. I really liked this book, but it’s a while since I finished it, so I can’t really say much about the content. That is actually some of the reason for this blog, I would like to remember more of the books I read, and writing about them after, makes that happen 🙂  Sky is a freak, she sees peoples auras, does that means that shes not entirely human? of course it does. But to me she’s not really a freak, she’s just different, and I don’t see anything wrong with that. But some of the characters in the book isn’t always as understanding, some of them even try to hunt her and a family that she is getting to know. I can’t wait till I get to read the next book, Stealing Phoenix 🙂

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