What happend to the time??

Not quite sure what happend, but all of a sudden it was summer (or, at least according to the calendar). At the moment I only have one job. It’s of course at the library. About a week ago a colleague and me took some things from the library, and made a tiny library in the park. We didn’t get a lot of visitors, because the weather wasn’t the best, but the ones that stopped by seem to really like it 🙂 I think, and hope, that my boss will let us do something similar some other time too.

I won’t be reading much next week, if at all… A friend of mine and I are going to a rock festival in Sweden, and I’ll be working as a voluteer. I’m hoping I’ll like it! The name of the festival is: Getaway rock festival, and it’s in Gävle, so the drive there will take a while.

But, back to the books! I’ve read quite a bit since last time I wrote here, so I don’t remember everything about them (or their characters). Because of that I will only mention a couple of them here…

Rebecca James has written a book called Beautiful malice. It’s a young adult book, a thriller. The main character, Katherine is struggeling, her talented little sister was brutally killed after being raped, Katherine was there but couldn’t stop it. So Katherine runs from the media, her school and her parents. She moves to a different city, to her aunt, and starts in a new school where nobody knows her. She is sad, mad and for a while she is friendless. That’s when Alice comes along. Alice is pretty, smart, funny, and a popular partygirl. Alice is almost the same as Katherine used to be, before everything happend. Alice wants to be Katherines friend, and they get along very well since she’s getting Katherine to come out of her shell. But after a while Katherine starts to wonder, why is Alice so obsessed with Katherines life? That’s when Katherine starts to investigate a little, and some of what she find make her try to back away from Alice.  Alice, being Alice, doesn’t accept that. And that’s when things starts to get creepy. By now, Katherine has figured out that she doesn’t really know Alice at all. So, what do you do when someone has an obsession with you, and you’re starting to get scared of what that person might do?

5 Likes/dislikes with the book:

+ easy to read, showed how disturbed some people can be, the ending.

– some thing were a little to cliché, the ending.

My opinion: I liked the book, I liked that it didn’t hide how cruel people can be, but in the same instans it didn’t hide the fact that anyone can be fooled. Not everything is always as it seems. I wished it had contained more of the surrouding area in Australia, and mayby even some more characters. I would want more characters so it wouldn’t have been so intens, because it was. On the other hand, that was some of the beauty with the book; the intensity.

Who said all monster had to be bad? Not Lisi Harrison at least. She’s written a book serie called Monster high. I’ve read the two first books in the serie. The first book, Monster high, has Melody Carver and Frankie Stein as main characters. As the title implies, there will be monsters and there is a high school. As usual, high school is a place where people try to fit in, and that is never easy. Being the “new girl” in school means you can either make it or break it within the first hour your there. Melody Carver, a completely normal person doesn’t fly under the radar when she gets a friend right away, and neither of them get along with the popular crowd at school. Frankie Stein’s problems are a bit different. She is new at school too, or, not just new at school, Frankie is just new in general. She is fifteen days old, her father built her in the basement lab, her skin is green and she has bolts on the side of her neck so she can be charged with electricity when needed. Melody didn’t really want to start a new school, but Frankie couldn’t be more exited to go to school. Her parents realise they have a problem when Frankie doesn’t want to cover up her green skin. They take her to school (or so Frankie thinks), Frankie jumpes out of the car, runs up to the girls on the steps at school to say hi. The girls screams about a green monster and run. Frankie then realise that she has to cover up a big part of who she is if she’s going to go to school. Eventually Frankie finds other “monsters” like her, but even then things don’t go according to plan. There are a lot of ups and downs in the life of a teenager in high school, and when you add being very different into the mix, things can only get worse. But you can also find good friends in high school that are willing to keep a secret.

5 Likes/dislikes with the book:

+ it show that high school is hard, it’s important to stand up for what you belive in, friends can keep secrets, it’s funny!

– ? don’t know if I can find much here…

My opinion: I couldn’t help but love these books, and I can’t wait for the next one. When I read books, I tend to make pictures in my head, and the picture where Frankie leaps out of the car, so excited and happy to start school, and all the other girls runs away screaming their heads of, priceless. Don’t get me wrong, I would probably have run away screaming too. It’s not that often you see someone with green skin jumping around (except the hulk, but he doesn’t count in this setting).

Those were the books for today. I’m going to try something new (for me at least), I will try to write about the books I read as soon as I finnish them…  Finding books to write about won’t be a problem, I have about twenty books waiting for me to read… 🙂 But sometimes it’s hard to know which one to start with.

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