Some walking, and some reading…

Todays first book is The ruins by Scott Smith. On the back of the book it says that it would appeal to thoose who like The beach or the TV-show Lost. I get why it says so. It starts off nicely with four young americans, two girls and two boys, that are on vacation in Mexico. They meet new people, three greek guys they can’t understand because they don’t speak the same language, and one german guy, Mathias. It turns out that Mathias’ brother is missing, he went after a girl, an archeologist, he met never to be heard from again. Mathias needs to find his brother before their plane home leaves. So Mathias, the four americans and one of the greeks take a little trip to try to find the brother. They think it’s going to be a nice little trip, they couldn’t be more wrong! Mathias’ brother left a map that they follow. On the way there they have a little run-in with some locals. Finally they find the right path according to the map. By now the locals have moved a lot closer, they have weapons to treaten the tourists with. To bad Mathias and his friend can’t understand them. When one of the girls takes a step back to take a picture, they are chased up on a little mountain. On that top, they find the tents and belongings to some archeologist and probably Mathias’ brother. The locals won’t let them get down from the mountain, and we soon get to know why. Except from a huge plant, they are the only living, breathing thing on that mountain. The plant is very much alive, it even seem to be able to think, and almost talk. And when one of the guys have some of the plant starting to grow inside of him, that’s when they realise how serious it really is.

5 likes/dislikes:

+ the horror, the suspense, the characters (even though they were very cliché)

– the locals – it didn’t seem likely that they wouldn’t do that little, I don’t think I can ever look at a plant the same way again (and I like having plants in my window-sill)

My opinion: The back of the book mentioned the Mayas, so I was hoping there would be something about them in there too, it wasn’t, so that was a bit of a let down. I liked the fact that even though not much was really happening, the suspense of the storyline made me kept reading. I kept hoping they would find a way out of there. The character were, as said, very cliché, but in this setting it worked because they each had a valid purpose, and it helped the story along. I wouldn’t recomend this book to tender souls, they would probably get nightmares about killer plants. If you like to creep yourself out a little bit, with what nature might be able to, then you should read the book.

The other book I have finished is Chain mail by Hiroshi Ishizaki. I can’t write about this book like I normally do, because I find it hard to explain the plot without getting confused myself. Don’t get me wrong, the book is not confusing! It’s about what seems to be four girls that are starting to write an internet novel together. They’ve never met in real life, only online. In the story they are writing, they have their own character, and sometimes these transitions get a little blurry. I liked the book, and to be honest, I don’t think I’ve read much like it before.

I have taken a walk the past three days, it feels good 🙂 I’m doing that because I’m going to give my parents a bit of a different birthday-present this year. There is a place in Norway that is called Hardangervidda, it’s a national park. There are cabins there where you can stay, or you can choose to walk from cabin to cabin. And since I know my parents love to go for walks, and they liked spending time with me, I could just put it all together. So one weekend in the fall (in about a month and a half), that is what we’re going to do. We will walk from cabin to cabin. It’s several hour between each cabin, and we have to carry large backpacks. So I’m training…(something I don’t usually do…) and I’m hoping it will work…

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