Books, comic and a cold

When I was little, I learned that if you’re going to do something, you should really make an effort to be as good as you can. And while most of the time I truly agree with that statement, when I have a cold (like I do now), I really wish it didn’t apply to me…I’m sitting on the sofa, with a blanket on top of me, freezing my ass of! It’s safe to say I don’t like it, but then again, I don’t think anyone does. The ting is, I always try to find something positive about things (even the one you would think one could only find something negative about). No, I’m not getting fresh air today, but I do get to read book, drink tea, and write here 🙂

So, the books, three this time. First out is Arctic Drift by Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler. I’ve read books by Clive Cussler before, with his main character Dirk Pitt, and this is no exception. In this book, Dirk Pitt is married to Loren (whom, in the last book of his I read, they could only loosely be defined as a couple…) Loren is now a congress-women, and Dirk is still working at NUMA. He still likes a little adventure, and would still never be able to live entirely on land, and still has his precious cars (very nice ones!). As usual in the books by Cussler about Dirk Pitt, much of the adventure takes place at sea. This time starts with a friend of Loren getting hurt. There are corruption, a lot of bad guys, some good guys, old stories and a good, thrilling hunt.

5 likes/dislikes:

+ Dirk Pitt, the hunt, how Clive Cussler always write himself into the story, the backgroundstory (for the hunt)

– predictable build of the story

My opinion: As usual, a good book by Clive Cussler. I still like the main character (Dirk), but the fact that the bad guys always get caught in the end and Dirk always ends up as the hero, to be honest, it’s getting to be a little cliché. Except for what they are looking for, the storyline always follows the same lines.

The second book of the day is City of ashes by Cassandra Clare. It’s fantasy, the second book in the serie The Mortal Instruments, and the main character is Clary. Simon is Clary’s best friend, and he seems to be in love with her. The problem is that Clary can’t get Jace out of her mind. Clary and Jace want each other, their problem is that they found out in the end of the previous book that they are brother and sister. Which means they have to stay away from each other, so Clary lip-locks with Simon who would do anything for Clary. Not fair you say since Clary sees Simon as her brother? Well, life is never fair. Clary’s mother is still in the hospital, Luke (the man Clary thought was her father) is still a werewoolf and leader of a pack. A lot of people turn on each other, and chaos ensues.

5 likes/dislikes:

+ shadowhunters, how cruel a father can be to his children (it’s well written), Simon, Alec (can fool many people)

– how cruel a father can be to his children (it’s well written), Jace, Clary (can’t make up her mind)

My opinion: Yes, a lot of it seem impossible, but hey, it’s fantasy, it’s supposed to be unbelievable. I think the author has done a great job on the storyline. We are always following a red line so to speak, and at least I can’t remember any loose threads. The author doesn’t explain every little detail, which at least I appreciate. I like an author that belives we (the readers) can think for ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, there are some things in this book that needs to be explained, but since it has a sequel, there are lots of room for it there 🙂

Todays last book, is a comic. I found it by chance while tidying the shelves at work. The comic is called What would Dewey do? by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum. It’s about a librarian named Dewey and his everyday life in the library, the customers and his coworkers. I found it at work, looked a little bit in it, and decided I had to take it home to read. After all, it doesn’t look good if you sit, read and laugh out loud at the workplace when I probably should have done something more constructive. (especially since the comic treats the customers, the society and the librarians the way it does).  They are hilarious 🙂 In a library you have a lot of diversity when it comes to the costumer, since it’s a place that is open for everyone: .

Well, it’s time for me to go back to nursing my cold… hide under a blancket, drink warm tea with honey in it while reading some more 🙂



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