Good vs. bad (or evil)

Having a cold, and feeling a little worn out because of if, makes for a boring life… That’s why I’ll go straight to the books today. The first book of the day is Dark angel by Eden Maguire. Tania, the main character, keeps having nightmares about fire. No wonder really, seeing her family and friends lives a place where fires are quite frequent. The book starts off with a celebrity having a party to welcome himself to the neighborhood. All the teens are invited. It’s a theme party, and the theme is “heavenly bodies”. Tania and her friends go to the party, the problem appear when she wakes up again. She feels like she has lost hours, she doesn’t remember what happened late at the party, and she has no idea how she got home. The book turns a little supernatural when we find out that the celebrity basically has come back from the dead. Strange things are starting to happen, but some people always finds rationally explanations, even when that makes no sense at all.

5 likes/dislikes

+ the normality in a situation that is not normal, a new twist on an old story (good vs. bad), Tania (how loyal she is to her friends)

– how easy it was for the “bad guys” to get away with things, strange things happening and noone reacts?

My opinion: I liked the new twist to the old story about the fight between good and evil. I liked how Tania would do anything for her friends, but at the same time I almost found her a little annoying because of it. The annoyance came because I belive people should be allowed to make their own choises, even very bad ones. We can’t control everything and everyone, and I don’t think we should try either. But I think she was courageous to do what she did. I don’t know if I had been capable to do the same thing. I was annoyed at the community around them that didn’t realise what was happening, I’m not saying it would have been easy, but when your kid goes all gooy-eyed for a girl he has know for two days, shouldn’t his parents have thought it weird that all of a sudden she was his whole world, and the girls he had know his whole life was just an afterthought? Not that we heard a lot about the different parents in the book. Whenever I read a book I tend to guess what is going to happen, and what I would like for to happen, and many times I am right. This book had a lot of twist and turns, some I managed to guess, and some that really surprised me 🙂

Torn by Cat Clarke is a book about how some things in life can go horribly wrong. It’s been said that the only way two people can keep a secret is if one of them is dead. In this book it’s four teenage girls that needs to keep a secret, a horrible secret. Most schools have popular kids, and the not so popular ones, bitches and nice girls. The danger on schooltrips is that sometimes theese people have to mix. So if you put one popular girl in a cabin with four other girls, where to of them hates the popular one, there is bound to be trouble. The book starts off with a memorial service, since the body of ms. popular was nowhere to be found. The horrible secret to be kept is why ms. popular is dead, how it happened, and where her body is. The start of the secret was a prank gone awry. The point of the prank was to scare, but unfortunately it turned deadly. We see the story unfold from Alice’s point of view, she is one of the four girls. Ms. popular, Tara, had/have a brother, and Alice starts seeing him. Alice already felt bad about what happen, but when she starts a relationship with Taras brother, thats when she almost break down.

5 likes/dislikes:

+ when Alice start to think for herself,

– how little guilt some of the girls had, how some use a dead girl as a stepping stone, Taras brother only talk about Tara, how and where they dump the body.

My opinion: When I look at the likes/dislikes, it doesn’t seem like I care for the book, that’s wrong. I really like this book, it shows friendship (a little skewed) and how people react to terrible situations. I kept wondering if they would be able to keep the secret. I kept wondering how Alice could be with Tara’s brother like she was. I kept wondering how Cass managed to stay so calm, and cold… I will admit that I did get the answers to a lot of my questions, but there are still some things I would like to know. (Can’t tell you about it, would be spoilers…)

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