Is it real? or is it all an act?

In reality-TV, what’s real and what is just an act? I think a lot of people wonder that, at least I do. In Lauren Conrads third novel from the L.A. Candy serie Sugar and spice deals with just those issues. The author herself have been on realityshows, so I’m thinking that not all of the things in her novels are just free fantasy. I don’t really know, but at least that’s what I think. This book starts off with Jane Roberts, the sweet girl next door that has gotten a worse reputation because her reality-best-friend wasn’t her real life best friend. Scarlett tries to be on a good behaviour, but the two of them get a raw deal when it comes to co-star Madison Parker. Madison herself isn’t in the best place either, espesially since she wants to be the big star, but she is being blackmailed by a ghost from the past. There are drama on camera and off, and since they are all girls, things have a way of escalating…

5 likes/dislikes:

+ Scarlett, Madison Parker

– Jane Roberts, reality-TV, fame-hungry people

My opinion: I liked the book, for what it’s worth, I actually believe in the portrait it paints of the world it’s set in. How real is really reality-TV? The reason I dislike Jane Roberts is because she is just so naive it’s enoying. She just goes along with everything, and doesn’t question anything, who does that? I dislike the fame-hungry people because I just don’t see the point. Don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that some people are famous because is makes for fun gossip, I just don’t get why someone would do anything to be in that situation. And I like the fact that there are people that are willing to do a job that will put them in the spotlight. I like that because I like to watch movies and tv-shows, I like to listen to music and everything that goes with it 🙂 I have to admit that in this book I love Madison. The reason for that is simple, she knows who she is, and even though she tries to be nices for camera, we can all see her for who she is. She too know who she is, and why she is doing what she is doing, it’s not like she is trying to hide it a lot either. Yes, she is a bitch and she knows it, but she doesn’t try to be something she is not. I wouldn’t want to be her friend, but in many ways she is more real than some of the other characters in the book.

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