Easy, and a question…

Things have a way of sneaking up on you, or, at least they sometimes do on me. I had finally gotten a full time job (not just half), and then I got asked to come to an intervju at a different job. I don’t know how I did yet, but I don’t think that I will get it, so it’s ok. I have a full time job now, with colleages that I really like. Just last weekend we were in Edinburgh on a studytrip. I’m so going back to that city, it was amazing! Even though they had a lot of new and modern buildings, they’d still kept so many of the old buildings. They were massive, with a lot of ornaments. The queue was to long for us to wait in it at the Edinburgh castle. But just being outside the walls were impressive. And they had this great national museum of Scotland, but we only had about an hour there 😦 The thing is, when I have so much to do, I don’t get quite enough time to read :s

I’m starting off today with a norwegian book, it’s called Bebe, and the author is Bente Bratlund. It’s a very short book, only 62 pages. But the author is good, so she’s said a lot without using to many words. The main character is Bebe, she goes to high school. She has a best friend, Sara, and the two of them (and the rest of the girls in their class) have a crush on the new boy in class, Daniel. Sara and Daniel has been picked to go on a trip together for a school-project, and even though Bebe wants to be happy for her friend, she finds it hard. In the building where Bebe lives, there is an old lady that always talks with Bebe. Bebe likes her because she feels like she is being treated more like an equal, and not like a small child.

Things do have a way of working out, but sometimes terrible things happen. Bebe sometimes feels insecure, but when she realises that at that horrible moment she is the only one that can do something, she steps up to the challenge. Life might still not be great, but at least she proves to herself that she can do what needs to be done. She might not always get everything right, but at least she tries. It’s a warm book about friendship, some more unusual than others, having a crush on the same boy as your best friend, life, death, and, in the end, doing what someone should have done a long time ago. And if I were to roll the dice for this book, it would get a 5 🙂

Another book that’s in norwegian is Utfor by Sunniva Relling Berg. A direct translation of the title is: downhill, I had to read almost the hole book before I understood why the title was just that. We meet a girl, Lea, who has had problems at school, thats why she and her parents are moving from the main land to a small island. We never really get to know what the problems were, and usually that would’ve ennoyed me, but in this book, that doesn’t matter. What matters is what happens on the island. Lea befriends the boy next door, Jonas, and you would think that would be a good thing. But she also gets some other friends that seem to despise Jonas but noone wants to tell her why. She tries to be a good daughter and stay friends with everyone, but it’s hard for her. Since noone tells her why they don’t want him among them, she occasionally invites him along. Jonas tries to tell Lea that she should just let it go, but she can’t. She knows what it’s like to not have a lot of friends, so she sticks with him. That’s when the other kids on the island stop wanting to have much to do with Lea. She feels like she is caught between a rock and a hard place, and there is nothing she can do about it. I’m thinking, that must be awful! I read this book because I thought it might be useful for work. It’s a good book, but that doesn’t mean that I loved it. In my opinion it was well-written, with a good plot, a good story, but I also have to admit that I just didn’t like it all that much.

I always hate having to say that there were a book I didn’t like all that much, but it’s true. I love reading books that appeal to me, and that fasinates me, but books that have a hard time keeping my interest can be as good as they want, that still doesn’t mean I will like them. Then again, for the most part I only read books that I want to read, not because I have to. That was someting we had to at school. At school you have to read book because you are told to do so, and for me, even though there sometimes were books I probably would have read because I wanted to, as soon as I had to read them for school, it seems that I automatically disliked them. I see a lot of that kind of reading at work, I do work in a public library after all. Students come in and I have to find a book for them because there is an assignment for school. I understand why they have to read for school, in todays society they can’t not read. But a lot of times that kind of reading kills all the joy they could have thought of while reading. I wish I had a great solution to that (what I would like to call) problem. And if it’s anyone out there that have good solutions, don’t hesitate to pass them along!

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