The fantastic world, and prison libraries…

In my opinion, urban fantasy is always fasinating. The mortal instrument by Cassandra Clare are urban fantasy, but book three, City of glass, seems more like ordinary fantasy. I write that because most of that book takes place in Idris, which is not on place on earth (at least not that I know of..). In this book, we learn some shocking news about Clary and Jace, and Valentine of course. The book is packed with action, but also some tender moments, in addition to some heartbreaking ones. In my opinion, this book seems to have a little bit of everything. We’re getting even more familiar with Idris, and some of the main characters. As usual, there are some twist and turn, some I could see coming clearly, some that I suspected, and some that left me quite shocked. Me being, well, me, I liked the shocking moments the best. That is what I love about the genre fantasy, it has so much room for unexpected twist and turns.

At the moment I have so many book to read at home, so book four in the Mortal instrument serie will have to wait for a little while. That is why I like that one can put books on hold in like november at the library. I can say to the library that I want this book, but I won’t have time to read it before november, and they won’t put it on hold before then. That way I don’t have to remember to look for that book later when I have more time to read, because that order has already been sent 🙂

At work I was just at a seminar, about libraries in prison! Where I work, there isn’t really a library in the prison, we just cooperate with the prison so they have some book there. It’s a very small prison, it only has room for 13 inmates. If I didn’t know it was a prison, I wouldn’t have looked twice on it. It looks like an ordinary house, in the middle of town. The only difference is the small fence at the entrance and the barbwires around the yard. It’s a female prison, and inmates are usually there because they have been drinking and driving, speeding, or using drugs. At the seminar we visited a new, and much bigger prison. I think that prison could take like 270 inmates. The facilities were amazing though, it was really nice. But the point of a prison sentence in Norway is not to punish people, but to try to rehabilitat them.

One of the guest lecturers said something along the lines of: who do you want as your neighbour? the ones that have been in a prison where they punish the inmates and probably leaves them bitter? or would you want the ones that have been to a prison where they try to better themselves, where they learn to cooperate with others and go to work or school to learn things that makes it easier for them to make it outside the prison later, maybe learn a trade that could possibly help them get a job later? I have to say I agree with the last one, where we try to help them be better…

There is something called carma, you get what you give. If you’re nice to people and try to help them, along the way, someone will probably come and help you when you need it too. They may not always deserve your help right then and there, but they might think back at it in the future, and then, hopefully, do the same for someone else… Kind of what is done in the movie called Pay if forward (2000) 🙂

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