Fame, or family?

Ted Trout is the main character in the book The look by Sophia Bennett. She has always thought of her sister, Ava, as the beautiful one.  But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is described differently in various parts of the world, and by various people. Beauty is subjective. That’s why, when a photographer gives his card to Ted, she doesn’t believe he would really want to take her picture, she thinks he is trying to trick her. Ava has an amazing boyfriend named Jesse, they surf together, but he will be working away from her for a while. That’s why Ava becomes distant from him when they find out she has cancer. The only thing that seems to make Ava happier, is when Ted agrees to go to a fotoshoot with the photographer that gave her his card. They have found out he belongs to a model agency named Model City. Teds best friend Daisy, does however not like the business of modeling, and she is not afraid to voice her opinion. There are some nice and helpful people at the agency, but also someone that doesn’t care for the person Ted, just her looks, so what’s a young girl to do?

I’ve never been in such an industri, and even though there are nice people there too, I don’t think I would have liked it very much. Ted is just fifthteen in the book, and they expect a lot from her. Yes, I understand that it is a job, but she is still just a child (or at least a teenager). They sometimes want a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean they are ready for it. Ted also have to juggle the life with her family, her friends, school, and possibly the most important thing, her sister that has cancer. Life is hard, we all know it, but sometimes life gives ut challanges we might not be quite ready for. Thankfully, most of us manages what we get, and make the best of it. But what might be the best thing to do for one person, might not be the best thing to do for others. Ted and her sister seems, in many ways, to be just like the rest of us. They argue, they fight, and they have little moments where sisterhood is actually not so bad. I can relate to that, because in many of the scenes (without the model agency of course), it feels like it could have been my sister and I. That’s part of what I loved about the book, it’s down to earth and tell things like they are, well, some of them at least…

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