Some die young…

Rhine Ellery loves her twinbrother. He is the one person in the world that she trusts after her parents died. Being sixteen years old, she knows that she only has four more years to live thanks to the little problem that came along when they manged to make a lot of deadly diseases go away. She can’t help but wonder what will happen to her brother when she is gone, after all, boys live to be twentyfive before they die. When she is kidnapped and married of to a rich guy, the biggest worry on her mind is still her brother. This all happens in the beginning of the first book in the Chemical garden trilogy; Wither by Lauren DeStefano. In the world Lauren has created, girls die when they are twenty and boys die when they are twentyfive years old. (except the ones that were born before they played around with everyones DNA to much) Girls are being kidnapped and married off to the ones who can afford to “buy” brides, many boys marry several girls. They need to get children before they die, in the hope that someday, someone will find a cure to all the dying in young age.

It’s a scary scenario, but is it really that unrealistic? So many scientist try to find a cure for just about everything, can we really manage to cheat all types of diseases? There are even people that want’s to prove that they one day will defie the laws of life, as in, they will not die. So far no such thing has been possible, but what about the future? What if someone manage to do what was done in the book, eliminate all diseases?  It is already so many people in the world, and people are not going to stop making babies… Where would we put everyone? I think that death is a part of life; you might not like it, but nevertheless, it’s there and it wont go away… I don’t think I would like to live forever, but I would like to live for a very long time. Think of all the things one can see, read, hear, learn and do!

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