I don’t usually read a lot of science fiction, but since I work in a library, I sometimes pick up random books to read. This time it was Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson. I wasn’t quite into it in the beginning, but the plot of the book still got me interested. Lets face it, technology development is going fast. There are robots, there are machines that can do a lot of things as long as they are programmed to do it. What if humans made a machine that could learn? That is the starting point in this book, or more accuratly, the book starts with the war. The war that was started by Archon. Archon is a machine, or it is number fourteen in line. It is man-made, but it’s learning to, well, learn. It has decided that humans are not good for the nature. The book is set in the near future, where there is machines for a lot of thing. Since Archon want to get rid of the humans, it programs the rest of the machines to kill. This is somethings the humans are not prepared for…

The book tells about episodes from the war, the struggles for all the humans, and about what the machines are doing, how they turn against the humans. The reports are well written, so I’m glad it haven’t happened. But could it? in the future? I mean, humans have always liked to explore and to develop. Is it really that unlikely that once, in the future, that a learning and thinking machine will be made? As much as I’d like to say no, I’m afraid I’ll have to say yes.

I can’t help to think about a movie from 1983 (!) called: WarGames. That computer couldn’t think, but it still controlled a lot of things that could have been fatal for humankind. But, back to the book. If you like science fiction, if you like robots, if you’re not scared to think about what could happen when there are a lot of robots around… I’d suggest you read the book đŸ™‚

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