The secret of the catacomb

Todays book is Katakombens hemmelighet (The secret of the catacomb) by Tom Egeland (publishing house: Aschehoug). Tom Egeland is a norwegian author who has written a lot of books. This book is a young adult book, but at the library I work, a lot of adult people loaned the book before they knew it was written for young adults. When Dan Brown’s Davinci code came out, a lot of people found it similar to books written by Tom Egeland. I can still see some of the same mystic of it in this book. It tells a story about archeology, the vikings, the roman catacombs, munks, a prophecy and a boy in the middle of it all.

The book has, in my opinion, a good plot. It also contains small pieces of accurat information that the boy writes because of a school project. Even though the book is action-packed, it still gives you a good feel of the main character. Some places it’s almost to fast paced, but the flow of the story is good enough so I didn’t think about that until after I had finished the book.

I haven’t read that many of his other books, but I’m realising that I probably should. Simply because of how much I liked this book. I always like it when authors put a little mythology and mystic in their books 🙂

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