The 100

Sometimes I look at what new TV shows are being made for the following season. I found one where I like the trailer, The 100. Then I realised it was based on a book by Kass Morgan. I found it so interesting that I got the library I work in, to buy the book (just so I could borrow it… and others could borrow it after me of course). I just finished the book…

It tells a story of a future I hope we don’t have. The title refers to the 100 delinquents that are being sendt to earth from a spaceship. The spaceship is where everyone lives after there war to many wars on earth so the radiationlevels were to high to survive on earth. We follow four main carachters (Glass, Clarke, Wells and Bellamy) that tells their stories. This was we get a lot more of a complex story than what we would have if it was only one main character. We follow the story both in the spaceship and on earth. The four main characters are complex people, they are not caricatures. All the characters seem to fairly normal. They all have a personality that makes them relatable, and very human. They all have ups and down, good and bad sides. They show loyalty, friendship and family, but also animosity, hate and general dislike for each other.

I can’t really compare the story to any other I have read, because it’s different, and I mean different in a very good way 🙂 I’m looking forward to it being made into a TV-show, at least I think. There is one thing that confused me a little bit in the beginning, it was who was who. But as long as I remembered to read the titles of the chapters, I was fine, because they are marked with the name of the character we follow in that chapter… I did hate the end, not because it was bad, but because it was just that, the end of the book. I hope the author has a plan to continue with the story, because in my opinion it isn’t finished… I want more!

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