Kire: Hulder

Tonje Tornes is a debutant, and her book is Hulder. It’s fantasy, and she’s using old folklore like wood nymphs, witches and river spirits. Hulder is the norwegian word for a wood nymph. The book centers around Erik (Kire backwards). He and his father have just moved to a new place to be closer to Eriks mother. His mother is in an asylum because she talks about things that doesn’t exist, but mostly she is in the asylum because she stabbed a woman to death. But the things that doesn’t exist; Erik saw them to, he just didn’t want to believe it. What he saw that day in the mountains was a green-clothed woman that used some kind of power over him to lure him to her. His mother however knew what she was, that she was a wood nymph that put a curse on her son, to take him into the mountain.

After moving to be closer to where his mother is, strange things start to happen. Erik meet this weird girl outside his house. She is dressed in clothes from the wood (literary, for instans, she has a dress made from white anemone), and, she has a tail (!). In her own, weird way, she says she wants to help Erik.

The story is action packed, but not to much. It’s got a good drive, but at the same time it gives the characters enough time to develop. It also give some information about old norwegian folklore, though I can’t help but wish there were some more information that explained the folklore a little bit more. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the book. But I think that for someone that doesn’t know anything about our folklore, you’d have some questions about it after reading the book. (Which is good in some way, you could go to the library to find out more :p) But the part of me that loved mythology and folklore when I was a kid (and still do), want more of it, not just little snippets that you get here.

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2 Responses to Kire: Hulder

  1. Nenna says:

    I like this review but it has some mistakes. Hulder in English is Huldra, and it’s action packed not action pack, curse not hex would have worked better, spirits not spirites(, by the way Nøkk is neck so that’s said, please don’t ask me why I dunno).

    I also do think that it had been better if some things where better explained, especially Tornes’ own view on things.

    Men jeg synes noe som kansje vil virke rart…(bytter til norsk pg.a spoilers) det er veldig lenge siden jeg har lest Harry Potter… men jeg synes det virker som Kire foregår i samme univers! Herr Flink ble sendt fra en engelsk skole for magisk begavede barn(Hogwarts/Galtwort?) av en gammel rektor der(Dumbledore/Humlesnurr?)… det står jo også at de ville bli kalt inn til en slik skole hvis det ikke var for skjoldet som beskyttet hele det ommerådet fra der han bodde før til bygda!

    Othervice a nice review not spoiling(which is greatly done since that’s hard!).


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