Romance is not dead (or is it?)

Seriously? Are you kidding me? The book can’t end like that!

The book that left me feeling like that is Dead romantic by C J Skuse. And even though that was my first thought when I finished the book, I also think I’m slightly in love with it. Romance is not dead 🙂 or, in this case, some of the romance is just that, dead. I liked the premise of the book. A girl gets humiliated at a party at college and her friends are not sticking up for her. And later, when her two friends seems more interested in a couple of boys, she realises that they might not be such good friends that she thought. (specially when one of the girls start to go out with the guy she has a major crush on)

Camille, our main character, has always been a little fasinated with dead things. On her way home from the humiliating party, she comes across the crazy girl in school, digging up something from the graveyard. This turns out to be more than Camille thought. She then switches course in school so she ends up in the same course as crazy girl (Zoe). Zoe is most definitely a science girl, and in one class she reanimates a bunch of hamsters (they turn mad and starts chewing through concrete – minor problem).

Camille og Zoe strikes up a very unlikely friendship. Zoe needs help with a science project on her own, and Camille just wants a date for the Halloween-dance. The solution is perfect, they can just make a perfect boy and reanimate him!

The book is sweet, it shows that friendships are important. You should never underestimate yourself (or others around you). Try not to breake the law (but if you do, conseal it very good). Don’t jugde a book by its cover (that goes for people to; don’t think you know someone because you have heard rumours about them). And, never give up on what you want to achieve, you might get lucky 🙂

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