Growing up

A norwegian author named Vera Micaelsen har written a book with the title Hyperpubertet (hyper-puberty). The main character is Camilla Larsen, who is 13 years old. She has just started junior high school. Even in the beginning it’s clear that the three other girls that just to be her good friends, aren’t that good friends anymore. They hit puberty during the summer, and Camilla didn’t. The three girls make a videotape about Camilla after a schooltrip, where something happen to her that lands her in a coma for four days. The video go viral, and the three girls make a blog where they post more videotapes of Camilla. The videos get a lot of hits, and the girls are getting more know, almost famous…

The problem, Camilla doesn’t like it. She has finally hit puberty, her boobs are getting bigger (in a very awkward way), and she finally got her period (which made a “nice” video). Camillas mother and one of the girls father start to see this almost as a business they can earn money on…

The book is great in a way that makes you feel for both Camilla and the other girls. It shows that when you post something online, you should always be ready, and able, to deal with the consequenses that ALWAYS comes with it. The writing about puberty is hillarious, it’s embarrasing, it’s fun, and almost a little to recogniseble… It shows that some people think they are better than other, it’s written about bullying and it’s consequenses. It’s about parents and how they do behave, how they should and shouldn’t behave. It’s about teachers, school and other students. It’s about growing up, how it can both be awful and amazing at the same time. It’s about taking a stand, and letting other people know what you think is ok and not.

It’s about growing up to become the person you want to be, not what other people want you to.

Be yourself, don’t be ashamed of it, don’t back down, but be passionate and like what you choose to do with your life and what is around you 🙂

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