Some friends and I have started a bookcircle, and fridays chat was about Jane Austens novel Persuasion. Personally I find the book a little slow (but it was written in a very different time…), but I still really like it. Can’t stand some of the characters. However I like the fact that love is stronger than anything and can seemingly last forever (at least so it seems to be with Anna and Captain Wentworth). To be honest, my favorite characters were Captain Wentworth and Mrs. Clay. The Captain because he is so sure of himself, but still a little insecure when it comes to the ladies, and he also knows what he wants and he is not afraid of going after it. I like Mrs. Clay because she know who she is, and who she might be, and what she is willing to do and say the get things the way she wants them.  I can’t refer the conversation we had here, cause I don’t remember half of it.

After discussing the book for a while, we watched the movie BBC has made of the book. We were going to discuss that in comparising to the book when it was finished, but since we’re only girls, we’re not good at being quiet… Which is why the movie was being discussed while we were watching it. The movie is mostly true to the book, but there were still some scene that made us all talk quite a bit.

In other words, if you like novel of love and drama from a long time ago, that can also be seen on the big screne, this is a very good book 🙂

The book for our next time is Charles Dickens’ A Christmas carol. That book was chosen for two reasons; it’s christmas very soon, so the book will be read during christmas; and it’s a classic. We’re going to read classic, because we realised that very few of us had read a lot of classics… So now we’re changing that 🙂

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