Enders game

I have to see the movie Enders game to find out if it is as good as the book! I just finished Enders game by Orson Scott Card. Through most of the book I forgot how young Ender was. Yes, he and his brother and sister were geniuses, but, so young… I felt sorry for Ender and for his sister, didn’t like the brother though. I loved reading about the games, how Ender always found the way to win. He was being pushed beyond believes, yet he still managed to stay sane 🙂 In my opinion the book is very well written, I could almost feel his dispair, loneliness and frustration. The book has won both the Hugo award and the Nebula award, well done!

I know Ender is growing up, he is learning, getting older. Except the getting older part, in some way it feels very real in the book. Since nobody take any notis of the years going by, I miss that feeling in the book. In the end I realised how many years had gone by, but I couldn’t help but wonder where all the years went. In one way, because of everything that happens, the time seemed to fly by; but on the other hand, the time seemed to almost not move at all.

As I mentioned, I haven’t seen the movie, but I sit wondering how can they make that movie when the main charater (and almost everyone else) is so young?

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