I hunt killers

Twisted. Horrifying. Weird. Sick. Unbelievable. Chilling.

Incredible. Amazing. Brilliant.

I could probably use many more words to describe the book I hunt killers by Barry Lyga. You basically get to see the inside of Jazz’s mind. In many ways Jazz is a normal teenager, he goes to school, he has a girlfriend, he is starring in the school-play, he is good-looking with a lot of charm. What sets Jazz apart from the rest of the crowd is that when he grew up, his father often took him with him to work, wait, that doesn’t sound to bad does it? There is just one little problem, Jazz’s father was sent to jail four years ago because he got caught… as a serial-killer. When you think again about his father took Jazz to “work”, the sentence gets a hole new meaning…

Jazz don’t want to be like his father, but with that upbringing…. well, it’s just a matter of time isn’t it? At least thats what the rest of the town thinks. With the exception of his friend Howie and his girlfriend Connie. Jazz lives with his crazy grandmother, and tries to take care of her the best that he can. Life might not be great, but it’s good enough for Jazz.

Or, at least it was going fine until a body is found. Jazz can’t help it, after all, he was raised by a serial-killer. So when the next body shows up, and there seem to be some resemblense to how his father killed his victims, he starts to dig a little…

I was completely fasinated by this book. Barry Lyga has an incredible twisted mind, good for me because I loved the book. Jazz continually wonder if he one day will turn out like his father, and sometimes it feels like he wants to. But at the same time, Jazz doesn’t want to hurt people. He was raised by his father, he was molded by his father, he was brainwashed… He knows this, and he has realised that in some ways his father was the devel; but at the same time he has to keep reminding himself that other people mean something, other people are real.

Barry Lyga has written some other books, and I would like to read them, but I just checked, and the library don’t have them 😦 hmm, mayby I have to buy them??

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