Blood tracks

Imagine that you were sitting it the car, waiting for your father to come back from answering a “call of nature”, the weather is dreadful, your wet because of the rain and you just want to go home…

Then you hear the train, screeching along the tracks in a desperate attemt to stop.

Paula Rawsthorne is the author of the book Blood tracks. You’ve got suspense, drama, teen-life, crime, and, in Gina’s world mind, a family friend and her dad’s boss that is highly suspicious. The man, Tom, has been a friend of her father and the rest of the family for years. Which is why Gina is shocked when he says her father was depressed. Because Gina don’t believe for a second that her father was depressed, even though everyone else seem to be buying into it. She sets about investigating what she believes is her fathers murder. She starts to get worried that her mother wants to lock her up in a mental hospital. She looses most of her friends, but gains a new one, or, at least that is what she thinks.

Life in general can be very hard when someone you love dies. When people start saying the person was depressed, and talks about how most people hide their depressions, it’s only going to get worse.

In my opinion the book it’s about how you want to live your life, are you just going to except what other people are telling you, or are you willing to go the extra mile because of a gut-feeling? How well do you really know your family, your friends, your co-workers and everyone else in your life? Will you stand up to others when you think they are doing something wrong?

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