Amazing fantasy!

I need to know more! I don’t even know how long I will have to wait. Siri Pettersen is a norwegian author who wrote the book I just finished. The title: Odinsbarn (child of Odin in english). I love how she uses just a little bit of norse mythology, and twist the world completely upside down.

Imagine if everthing were different, just the opposite of the world we live in. In this world everyone has power that they can draw from the earth, it’s within them, the most natural thing in the world. And everyone has a tail, the young girls can’t wait until they are old enough to start to wear jewelry on it. There are some frightening things is this world. I’ll admit, they are difficult to describe well enough in english. Some are called “the blind”, noone has really seen them so they are considered a myth. Then you have the “children of Odin”, they are considered rot, as in, if people come to close to those “things” normal people would rot. Hirka, she is the main character, doesn’t have a tail. When she was just a baby a woolf had attaced her and taken her tail. At least, that is what her father has always told her.

This is where the story turns into something more. The father of Hirka, who has always looked out for her, and told her that she should be careful of other people, hasn’t always been truthful. He has lied to Hirka, about being her father, and about who she is, and what happend to her tail. The man who, to everyone, is Hirkas father, found her when she was a baby. It was he who cut the marks on her back. He is not her father, he found her. Hirka IS a child of Odin, she is rotten.

Hirkas problems are getting bigger as the days go by. When everyone is of a certain age, their power gets tested, but since Hirka is not a normal person, she doesn’t have power. Her friend Rime tries to help with her power, but doesn’t know who she really is, nobody do. If anyone ever fount out, she would be hunted, she is a myth, she is a sickness (like the plauge).

This is a book that contains some much. It’s an incredible story. It’s a story of love and loss. It’s a story about being different, and wanting to be like everyone else. It’s about people being afraid of what they don’t know. It’s about power. It’s about knowledge. It’s about not knowing what to do. It’s about knowing what you have to do. It’s about wanting to be accepted for who and what you are. It’s about life, the good and the bad. It’s about friends, family and enemies. It’s about….. I’m going to stop here, because if I don’t I might never finish.

I feel sorry for those who don’t read fantasy, because they are going to miss out on a book that might actually make them see the world a little different. Sometimes different is the best thing anyone can be 🙂

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2 Responses to Amazing fantasy!

  1. Nenna says:

    Woah!! I wanna read this one now :3


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