A christmas carol

Yes, I know christmas is a little while ago (already). But, yesterday my friends and I had our bookcirkle, and the book was A christmas carol by Charles Dickens. We had all heard about the story before, so we all pretty much knew it even though none of us had actualle read the book before. Last time we had our bookcirkle, there were a lot of discussion, but this time we didn’t seem to have all that much to say. The story is pretty much straight forward with not that much to discuss (at least in our opinion). We did get some insight though, because one of the girls know more about christianity than the rest of us (apparantly). So that put a little different perspective on the book than what we had from the start.

Personally I didn’t care that much for the book. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate it, but to me it didn’t seem all that realistic. I believe people can change, some even change for other people. But I don’t believe that people can change everything they are in just one night, or even in a week. I believe change takes time. I believe change can be good (and sometimes bad). But I don’t believe change will last if it is forced upon you. To really change for the better, you should want the change for yourself, not for anyone else.

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