I want to meet Mickey Bolitar (except he might be a little to young for me). He is like a knight in shining armour, and he doesn’t even know it. Before I start rambling to much… Mickey Bolitar is the main character in a book titled Shelter by Harlan Coben. I know I’ve read book by this author before, but I don’t remember other than I liked it.

The reason I would like to meet Mickey is several reasons. He has traveled the world with his parents, not just to travel, but to live all over the world. He is only fifteen, but in some ways he might seem older if you could actually meet him. A fresh start; new school and a new girlfriend, sounds nice. New problem: girlfriend goes missing… Mickey meets some other students at the school, some he gets along with, others, not so much. Just like everyday high school.

In a house not far from where he lives with his uncle, there lives a lady called Bat Lady. There are a lot of stories about her, but noone would be able to tell you what the truth was. One day she opens the door when Mickey isn’t far away, just to say that his father is alive… Which is very strange since Mickey saw his father die. When a strange car starts to follow him around, things get even more complicated.

There are a lot of action in the book, most of it is almost believeable. The story unfolds nicely, but you can’t always say in which direction it’s going to go. On the back of the book it says it’s the first in a trilogy, I can’t wait for the rest! 🙂

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