Many books… :)

Lately, I’ve been reading books to use for work, more specific: for the 7th graders that comes to the library. A lot of these books are by norwegian authors, but I’ll still write about them here. I haven’t written about them as soon as I’ve read them, so here they are all together 🙂

Jostein Gaarder is a well known norwegian author, one of his most famous book are Sohpie’s world: a novel about the history of philosophy. I will admit that I’ve never been able to read all of it. It’s a book a love without being able to finish it (!). Todays book fra Gaarder is however Anna: en fabel om klodens miljø og klima (Anna: a story of the worlds environment and climate). The publisher in Norway is Aschehoug. The main character is Anna who will turn 16 years old i two days. Ever since she was a little girl she has been told that she has en exceptionally vivid imagination. Anna herself is sometimes sure that what she has been dreaming is for real. Because of this, she has talked to different psychologists. Now she meets one that asks her what her biggest fear in life is. Annas answer is global warming. Maybe not the most common answer from a 16-year old girl, but it’s still a fear that maybe more people should have… The twist in the book is how Annas vivid imagination gives her the impression when she is dreaming that the world is very different in the future. Anna dreams that she is a girl named Nova, 70 years in the future. And let me tell you, it gave me a new perspective on some things… It’s a excellent book that got me thinking, and it made me want to do something…

Aschehoug is the publisher of the next two books; Pyro by Stein Morten Lier. The main character in this book is Tinius. The place where he and his friends play soccer and keep all their things, burns down. Their coach is charged with arson. Since Tinius don’t believe their coach would do such a thing, he starts his own investigation… Which leads to a lot of action, running, death-treats and meeting new people… :p

Død manns kiste (Dead mans chest) by Johan B Mjønes is a book that seems to be a big hit with the 7th graders (and their teachers). We’ve got to boys, on their way to becoming men. Summer jobs, boats, diving, abandond places, mystery, girls and danger. Shipwrecks from the war and a church that contains a book with black crosses without names. And a mysterious fog that makes people vanish…

Cappelen Damm is another publishing house in Norway. They’ve got the next to books on this list.

Tumbling dice by Pål Gerhard Olsen is more action again, I’ll never stop with the action 🙂 Two friend are going on vacation together. Sounds quite perfect, the problem arise when Daniel’s bag is missing at the airport. When they finally get his bag back, and are on their way, they get hit by a car. The carcrash isn’t the problem, the problem is that they steal the bag that was missing but then finally found again. Some people just can’t seem to give up, even when they should because they are in way over their head… Daniel and his friend are that kind of people…

Brynjulf Jung Tjønn has written a beautiful book. Så vakker du er (how beautiful you are) is amazing. It’s so incredible, so sweet, so charming, so sad and heartbreaking at the same time. I wanted to laugh and cry, almost at the same time. I can’t give this book justice when I talk about it. I’ll admit, it might not be perfect for others, but to me, it hit home! Parts of it reminded me of my grandfather, when he passed away. It left me feeling devastated. But at the same time, my life was almost perfect and I was incredible happy. Those two feeling got very conflicting, and this book makes them balance perfectly 🙂

The last book I’ll write about is Professor Barlows varulveksperiment (Professor Barlows werewolf-experiment) by Sissel Chipman. (publishing house: Gyldendal) This book is about a boy named Henrik, who happend to become a werewolfish creature on a trip, and his friend Julie. Henrik can shapeshift when he want to, without waiting for the full moon. When someone kidnappes Julie, Henrik takes drastic measures to get her back. He agrees to be taken to another planet for research. All of this is because of Professor Barlow. Lets just say that professor, not really the nicest guy in the world. (I spent a lot of the book wanting to knock him out because he was so infuriating…) It’s a fun book, with a little science fiction and fantasy in a very good mix (at least in my opinion) 🙂

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