Red rising

Red rising is a book by Pierce Brown. In my opinion quite a brilliant book because you can read it in different ways. It can be read as just an incredible and amazing story, by an author with an impressive imagination. Simply because it really is a good story. But it can also be read as a story of our society. That is the part of the book that is exiting, but scary at the same time (at least, that’s how I read it).

It’s the story of Darrow, his love, life and everything that comes with it. It’s the story of how life is om Mars after the humans conquered not just the world, but the universe. Is a story about oppression. It’s a story about how someone can live their lifes without realising that they are in fact slaves. Darrow is a Red. He, his family and everyone he knows lives and workes in the mines. They are getting Mars ready for the rest of mankind. They know that their work is important, and that they are building the foundation for the society to come. Or, at least, that’s what they think, so they don’t mind.

Things happen, and Darrow are starting to see, he stops being so blind to the injustice. He gets to go over ground, to the surface of Mars. He learns something for himself that his wife was trying to tell him, she tried to show him but he didn’t listen. He realise all Reds are slaves. He wants to retaliate, but he doesn’t know how to.

On the other hand, how can one man oppose society and the system that seems to work very well? (at least for the ones on top, the ones with power) Power is knowledge, but knowledge can be corrupted. How do you know who is right, who is cheating, and who want’s to do good? There is no black and white, all life is different shades of grey. What is the best way to lead? by fear or by compassion? Who is the best to lead? And who gets to choose who gets to rule?

If you read the book as a critisisme of society, the society gets slightly scary in my opinion.

If you read the book as a story, it’s an excellent story.

I suggest you read for yourselves and make up your own mind. Don’t let others tell you what to think, but see the story with a wide and versatile perspective. What do YOU think?

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