The age of miracles

Brilliant, just brilliant!

An amazing, but somehow a little disturbing story, a little scary. It’s like science fiction; the author must have had an amazing ability to be creative, because it can’t possibly have any truth to it; can it?

We all know the world and the weather is changing, but how bad can it really get? Well, I think more and more people are starting to believe that it can get really bad. But there are still some things that will always stay the same, like that a day and night has 24 hours. In this book (The age of miracles by Karen Thompson Walker), that stops being true. The days and nights starts getting longer, first only by minutes, but then with hours.

I find it hard to describe this book. It’s about a girl and her family that have everyday problems, struggles, good moments and moments filled with happiness. In the same instant, it’s about how the world and everything can change. Some changes are subtle and almost impossible to see, others, like earthquakes and tornados everyone can feel.  It’s the changes that we see that seems to be the most important ones, at least in the beginning. Simply because we see, hear and feel them. With subtle changes, we don’t realise what have happened before it’s to late.

After finishing the book, I couldn’t help myself since I’m a curious person. I started to look for more information. The reason I did that was because I thought I remembered reading something about the world not rotating at the same speed at all times. Turns out I was right. Something that is called Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) is a technique that measures the earths rotation. Occasionally the rotation changes so much that we have to change the time on our watches just a second. I know, one second doesn’t seem like much, but it is needed for example for satelites to work correctly.

So, even though I’m bad at describing thing book, I’d still recommend people to read it.

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