The tragedy paper

I’ve read my first e-book! I thought it would be weird reading on my phone, but it was ok. The book I chose was The tragedy paper by Elizabeth LaBan. (It reminded me a little bit about Looking for Alaska by John Green.)

A lot of the time I was confused; I didn’t know whether I was in Tims head or Duncans head. The book starts with Duncan, it’s his last year at Irving. Irving is the name of his school. It was clear from the beginning that something had happened last year at school. It had something to do with the room Duncan has been assigned to. It was Tims old room. Tim went to school at Irving last year, he was the albino (stood out in crowds, hard to miss). We start to hear Tims story almost immediately. It’s tradition at Irving that the one that had the room before you, leaves a little something for the next person to have the room.

Tim has left CD’s for Duncan, where he tells his story. It’s the story of what happened last year at school. That thing noone talks about. Duncan gets a little obsessed about the story, but he has a life at school, with a girlfriend too. Duncan gets to the point where he starts to have a problem turning Tim’s CD’s off.

I realise that it’s a hard story to explain, I would probably confuse people more that get them excited about the book. I don’t want to do that… But I do want to say it’s a really good book. It’s a good story about growing up, doing what people expect of you, but at the same time, trying out for yourself what you like and want with your life. It’s about friendship, lovers, people you care about, wanting friends, wanting to sometimes be alone, feeling like your outside looking in on other people.

It’s about the stories that don’t get told. It’s about rumors. It’s about life at school. It’s about teenagers. It’s about the choices you make. It’s about life, both the good and the bad.

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