Before I go to sleep

I had heard a lot about this book before I read it. A colleage of mine highly recomended it, she sait it ended with a twist she didn’t predict. In my opinion that sounded like a good idea. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good book. Oh, by the way, the book I’m talking about is Before I go to sleep by S. J. Watson.

The main character, Christine, has been in an accident and lost most of her memories. She wakes up, and there is a man in her bed. He tells her that he is her husband. He doesn’t tell her a lot about herself because he says that usually just gets her upset. This is understandable. After her husband has gone to work, Christine gets a call from a Dr. Nash. That leads her to a diary she has been keeping. Since she only can remember a day at the time, as in, she only remember things that have happened after she wakes up. When she goes to sleep, her memories are erased.

It’s a good look into how amnesia is to live with in some way. Except all the way through the book, you could almost feel that something was off. In the start I couldn’t put my finger on it, but as I read further, I was starting to get a good picture of what might have been. Not to brag, but I kind of guessed quite a lot of the end.

I liked the book, but, I would have wanted even more twist and turns that I couldn’t guess…. Just because it’s hard to surprise me; I want to not to be able to guess the ending. Apart from John Harts book The king of lies, I haven’t found that much of surprising books lately. But if you do want a book where you can’t guess the ending, The king of lies is a book I definitely recommend! 🙂

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