Escape from Camp 14

I admit it, I don’t know much about North-Korea. The book I just finished, Escape from Camp 14, gave me a little insight as to how a little bit of it is. The shadow-side of the society at least. The book is written by Blaine Harden and Shin Dong-hyuk. The main character in the book is Shin, although other voices are heard too.

The book is non-fiction, which I usually don’t read, but this time I did. It’s mostly about Shins life and escape from camp 14 in North-Korea. His story is ubelievable, truly. I can’t check the facts, but sometimes they were so horrifying that I can’t help but think “this can’t possibly be true”. Then there is the other part of me that continue to think: “why not?” People do a lot of good in the world, and they are all quite capable to do bad things too. Sometimes that worries me, and if everything in this book is the truth, it should worry a lot of people. Why don’t anyone do something about it?


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