One day in Oradour

Sometimes books can give you a new story about something you thought you knew a lot about. In this case the book was One day in Oradour by Helen Watts. It’s about one event during world war 2, in a little town called Oradour in France. The timeframe of the book is just a couple of days, but it conveys a lot during that time.

The book is based on true events, yet, I had never heard of that place before. Why is that? Yes, I know a lot of horrible things happend during the war, but this town was literally left out from my knowledge. How could that happen? It was a massacre, due to one deranged man in the SS. Or, in his mind he thought he did the “right” thing, and that he would be commended for it.

The story in this book is told from two sides. One side is Major Dietrich; the other is a little boy named Alfred. It makes is seem both a little horrible and very real (at least in my opinion).

Since the book was based on true events I googled Oradour after finishing the book. History isn’t always nice, but there are always interesting points to it. People should learn from past mistakes to prevent them from happening in the future. It’s not easy, but sometimes it’s the only way to learn. Find out what the mistake was in the past, and try your very best not to repeat it…. (this goes for most things in life 😉

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