Under the dome


There is always more than one side to every story; and this book proves it brilliantly! I’m talking about Under the dome by Stephen King. It has taken me a while to read this book, because it’s a long book, almost 900 pages. Sometimes I got a little confused because we follow many different sides of the story. But as soon as I got some of character sorted out, and learned a little more about them, it got easier.

It’s a book I find hard to describe in a way that does it justice. On the book I read it was a blurb by Lee Child that said: “Seven words: the best yet from the best ever”; I completly agree. With this book you need some time to read (mostly because it’s so long). You will probably also need to take som time just to remember all the different main characters.

You really get to know the character; and they are diverse. I think everyone would find someone they could identify themselves with in this book. Not necessary with just one character, but small pieces from some of them.

When I was reading, and it was stated somewhere in the book that only two days had gone by, I thought for a second that I read wrong. When you’re locked in like those people in the book are, time seems to move differently, very differently.

In one way I found it hard to believe that people would go crazy so fast; but then, they are only humans. Humans tend to do stupid things sometimes when they are scared, or they are facing something they don’t understand. So, even though it’s very unbelievable, in some (scary) ways it’s also a little bit believable…

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