The sea of tranquility


That’t the advise Nastya gives to some girls after she has shoved them some self-defense moves. Or, more accurately, she writes it down for them to read. Nastya doesn’t talk. She used to, but about a year after what happend, she stopped. In the book The sea of tranquility by Katja Millay, Nastya and Josh are the main characters. They have the veiwpoint in the book. They are both alone in different ways.

Josh is alone because all of his family has died, one by one. Everyone knows, so they usually leave him alone, don’t even look at him. With Nastya it’s different. She is the new one in school. Noone knows who she is, and she isn’t saying…

It’s clear that something have happend to Nastya, and I kept reading to find out what it was. I’ll admit, it wasn’t quite what I thought, but I wasn’t too far off.

This is the authors first book, and I’m hoping she will go on to write many more! The book showes so many sides to what it usually stereotypical characters; Millay makes them all into real people. I couldn’t stop reading (I even skipped dinner, something I never do!). I kept reading because I wanted to know what had happend, who these people were, and if they were ever going to be okay…

If someone were to take away the one thing from you that makes you YOU, what would you do?

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