Hundred years of solitude

I read Cien años de soledad (Hundred years of solitude) by Gabriel García Márquez for my bookcircle. The author is from Colombia, and in his works he uses a literary style named magic realism. I’m not used to read that style, so this was new to me. New and confusing…

We are told about the family Buendía and Macondo (the place where they live). So far, so good. But, the names…The boys/men in the family switches mostly between to different names. Sure, as long as they have the same name, they have mostly the same characteristics too, but they are still different people… By the time I got to the middle I just gave up remembering the names. And when I was done with the book I regretted that I hadn’t gone back to the begining to write a sort of familytree of the names. I like many of the familymembers, and of course there were people I didn’t like to.

When we discussed this book, some of the girls were talking a lot about what really happened, if anything at all. I wanted to talk about the society of Macondo. How we, in the book, were told about how it both started and ended. How now everyone learns from past mistakes. How everything goes in circle most of the time. They build a society from scratch, and in the end it disappeared into nothingness.

So sure, I think I understood a lot of the book. There is one thing that keeps bugging me though… the last sentence, I can’t for the life of me figure out what it really meant… So if anyone out there has a good idea about that, and would like to explain it to me, I would love to hear it! 🙂

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