Where she went

This book (Where she went) is the continuation of If I stay by Gayle Forman. It’s set about three years after the first book. Where the first book was from Mias point of view, Where she went is from Adams perspective.

If you haven’t read If I stay, but intends to do so, don’t continue reading here.

We meet up with Adam when he is in New York. He haven’t heard from or seen Mia in several years. He and his band are succesfull now, Adam and Bryn (another famous musician) are a couple. Adam is having a hard time just functioning. He takes pills just to get through the day. After he flippes out at an interveiw, his manager tells him to take the rest of the day off.

Alone in New York Adam suddenly finds himself outside a conserthall. It turns out that it’s the conserthall Mia is having a big solo-consert. Coincident of faith?

I liked this book. It took no shortcuts, but in many ways it was still realistic when it came to love, sorrow, regrett, hate and sadness. I can’t really say more about it without saying to much, but it’s a cute book 🙂

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