The bone season

Hmm, this was new (in a good way!). I had never heard of dreamwalkers before, so to me, this is news. I like news in book, it makes them even more unique than just being new books πŸ™‚ The book is The bone season by Samantha Shannon.

I like Paige (the main character) because she know how to take care of herself. She know how to stand up for herself (mostly). But she still likes to have people that she can trust around her. In other words, she is like most people I know. Well, except for the dreamwalker thing, and the fact the story is set in the future, and that there really exists clairvoyants, and that these people are feared by most others. Hmm, maybe not similar to the world as I know at all…

The story is set in a very different London that currently exists. Oxford does however not exist in this new reality. Paige works for a mime-master in the underworld of London. Clairvoyants are being hunted from every angel, so even Paiges luck is about to run out, with a bang. Some of the new people she meets bring a hole new dimension the the story.

There were things in the beginning of the book that confused me a little (yes, I know I could have looked in the back of the book to find explanations, but that creates annoing breaks for me). But as I read on, most of the things explained themselfes.

In other words: I liked the book, and I just found out that the next book in the serie (yes, this was the first book in the serie) will come out oktober 21, 2014 and the title will be The mime order, I can’t wait πŸ™‚

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