Running like a girl

Running like a girl by Alexandra Heminsley was a book that a borrower at the library I work at recomended to me. I didn’t think I would read it, I mean, a book about running? Don’t get me wrong, I like going for a walk, I like to ride my bike (occasionally), but running? I don’t really have the stamina for that. Trust me, I’ve been trying lately. But I can’t even run for two minutes…

I envy this girl, she has now run several marathons! It’s incredible and amazing. The book is her story. How she started out with not being able to run almost at all, to running marathons. I liked reading about her journey, that is was hard. That along the road she made mistakes, she stopped running, she started running again. She fell down, she had injuries, she had people beliving in her, but she also had people thinking of it as a joke when she said she would run a marathon. She was strongwilled enough to do it!

I was inspired by this book (not that I’m going to run a marathon, but mayby I can manage to start running some?). Where I live there are a 5 kilometer run every year that I know some of my friends have done (you can even choose to do the 10 kilometer run). I never have, simply because I don’t have enough stamina.

I finished this book very late last evening, as in, after I should have been in bed… But I can’t help but want to go out for a walk. Yes, I say a walk, because I figure I should probably get used to walking outside every day first. And when walking outside every day has become a habbit, I will start running. But how long do you have to do something for it to become a habbit? I wish I had someone that would kick me in the but on the days I don’t want to go outside for a walk (and later on, a run)…. 🙂

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