Don’t look now

Don’t look now by Michelle Gagnon is the second book in the Persofone-trilogy.

We are still following Noa and Peter. Peter are trying his best to gather information that will help out Noa and her friends with rescuing other teenagers so they are not experimented on. But it’s not easy to be Peter, since Amanda, his former girlfriend that knows some of what is going on, keeps hanging around. The fact that she was kidnapped to threaten Peter and Noa to stop doing what they were doing, doesn’t help either.

Noa on the other hand, are having a hard time being a “leader”. Everybody turns to her when it comes to their missions, and when something goes wrong, she almost want to give up. Good thing for Noa that she has Zeke, and the safe-place.

This is a very fast-paced book that I read quickly. (which now means I have to wait a while for the last book in the trilogy…) It has some love and romance in it, and some jealousy. It has a scary disease that only affect teenagers. It has crimes, desperation, courage, loyalty and hackers.

A lot of the things could have seen possible but when Noa and her “gang” almost seem to start to pretend they are a little army, it’s just going that tiny step to far for me. Noa are against guns (I applaud!), but even though they are trying to organise well, how are a bunch of teenagers capable of going up against what seems to be mercenaries?

Don’t get me wrong, not everything need to be plausible, but maybe a little? I liked the book, but I can’t help but wish that there were some more depth to the characters. Sure, Noa is suspisious about almost everyone, but in the safehouse Zeke found to them, she immidately trust an adult couple? In my opinion that is a small mistake in some way, since she is still a kid, but on the other hand, Noa has been through so much…

When it comes to the plot of the serie, I like it. The medical world are developing new drugs all the time, why not something bad sometimes to? Many adults tend to go for the money, and try to ignore the consequenses (in that way, many adult are a little to much like little kids). Why I do not know. But where kids are to young to understand everything, and the adult in some ways understand to much and just chose to ignore it, that’s where teenagers and other young people come in. They understand a lot, but are (hopefully) not as jaded as a people that have lived to the point where they are cynical most of the time.

And then you have the people like me, who don’t really think that ignorance is bliss, but still don’t know enough about the world… Who are you?

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