The maze runner

The maze runner by James Dashner is the first of three books. I have yet to read the other two (I will get to it very soon!) When I read the book, I couldn’t help to think about a book by Lissa M Stasse: The forsaken, even though they are not really that similar. On the cover it said it was: “… a must for fans of the hunger games”, and yes, in many ways I agree. And I do see quite some similarities, but I see many more differences.

I can’t wait til the movie comes out, I am SO going to go see it!

Thomas is the main character. When he wakes up he doesn’t know who he is or where he is, he only remember his name. The boys is the place he has come to, shows him the ropes, and tell him about the Glades. When he gets to know some of the other boys in the Glade, he finds some friends, and some enemies. In some way he also realises that he is not quite like the others there. He can’t help but wonder what makes him different. The fact that he is different is in some way proven when a girl (the first girl in the Glades) arrives.

The title refers to the maze that is surrounding the Glade, and the boys that run in the maze all day to try to find a way out of it. They don’t run in the maze at night (it would be dark 😉 ), and besides, there are monsters out in the maze at night, they wouldn’t survive it…

The book start off in a slow pace, and that is ok, because Thomas is confused, and we’re seeing it through his eyes. It then builds up the momentum, a very good one if I may say so. I can’t say to much without spoiling it. I will say one “spoilish” thing though; sure the ending had a climax, but at the same time (at least to me) it seemed almost a bit anticlimactic. Wonder how it continues in the next book??

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