The indigo spell

The indigo spell is the third book in the Bloodlines serie by Richelle Mead. Mead has also written the Vampire academy serie (which I happened to like very much). The Bloodline serie follows Sydney Sage, whom we got to know a little in the Vampire academy serie. Sydney is an alchemist. The alchemists are a group of people that fight the Strigoi, og help the Moroi to stay hidden from humans, which is to say no human is to know about vampires.

Sydney has an additional challenge, one of her teachers is a witch that is trying to teach Sydney magic, which of course goes against everything that Sydney believes is. Or, at least it goes again everything she has been taught, just as getting friendly with vampires and dhampires (and trying to find an ex-alchemist they deny exist).

When Sydneys teacher says she is in danger, Sydney reluctantly agrees to learn more to defend herself. At the same time she continues to look for Marcus (the ex-alchemist); and continues to try to avoid being to close to Adrian. She can’t quite seem to help herself around Adrian though, but he is a Moroi, which means he is off limits. And it goes against everything she believes, or does it?

Sydney is starting to change, she is starting to think for herself. She don’t just blindly follow alchemist-orders any more. That is what makes Sydney interesting. We can see the changes that goes on inside her head almost.

The book has vampires, intrigues; both normal and supernatural, life, love, and growing up. Sure sometimes I wish the character development did go a little bit faster, but at the same time it make sense that it is very slow. The slow burn makes it steady, so they don’t burn out to fast. Even though the character do develop, it is the plot that drives the book forward. While I was reading the book, I couldn’t help wanting Sydney and Adrian to get together…

I know the fourth book in the serie is out (The fiery heart), but as far as I can see, I can’t find a library to borrow it from yet. I guess I have to keep waiting… And apparantly book five: Silver Shadows comes out in the end of july, which mean that my To Be Read list got even more book on in, even though I just finished this one… 🙂

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