Gabriel’s gift

The book I picked out of my 1001 book jar in july was Gabriel’s gift by Hanif Kureishi. I knew it probably wouldn’t be like a lot of the other books I read, and I was right.

We meet Gabriel, whos parents seem to be about to split up. He is a boy with a very activ imagination, and he is very creative. His father is a musician that played with Lester Jones in the 70´s. Since his mother kicked his father out of the house, she finds a job. Hannah is hired to take care of Gabriel when his mother is at work. Gabriel can’t stand Hannah, so thats a bit of an issue. Gabriel also tend to talk to his twin brother Archie when it comes to advice and big desisions in life. The only not quite normal thing about that is that Archie is dead.

Even though I used some time to read the book (more time than I usually do), I liked it. It was a slow book, with little action (exept when it came to Lester Jones’ painting).


  • We seem to almost be inside Gabriels head, in his thoughts
  • Gabriels development as a human being
  • The relationship between Gabriel and his father


  • The relationship between Gabriel and his mother (because it don’t seem to evolve in almost any way, at least not to me)
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