I think this is the first book I’ve read that actually not just mention fanfiction, but even contains some of it. 🙂 I’ll admit, I’ve read some fanfiction based on some of the books, TV-shows and movies that I like.

In Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (love the first name of the author), we get to know Cath and Wren, or, that’s not really true in my opinion, we get to know Cath. Cath and Wren are twins that have done everything together their hole life, until now. When Wren tells Cath that she don’t want to share a room with her when they start university, Cath pretty much freak out for a moment. Cath lives in the world of fanfiction, and is not just socially awkward at times, she seems to have social anxiety in my opinion. One good example on that is in the beginning of the schoolyear, she eats protein bars in her room instead of going to the dining hall.

During the book Cath and Wren drift apart, not just because of school and that they want different things out of it, but due to the mother. The mother ran out on them when they were little, and that creates animosity between the sisters when the mother gets in touch.

I liked this book, because a lot of it seemed so natural. I got the feeling that this could happen to someone somewhere. In some ways I felt connected to both Cath and Wren, because I could recognise myself in both of them. There is one thing I wasn’t to found of though; the fanfiction. This might sound weird since I said earlier that I liked that the author incorporated fanfiction. What I liked was that it’s something a lot of people know about, but others don’t know about it. Maybe it could show some that don’t know about it, a little bit about that world. Maybe even give them an incentive to both read and write fanfiction. That is an idea that I really like. The reason I didn’t like that it had passages with fanfiction in the book, it was simply a little to much of it for me. Those parts Cath reads to Levi are fine, and should be in the book, but the others feel more like filling, like it’s just there to take up space. Well, that’s my opinion… What is yours?

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