Run by Gregg Olsen is a book that had me hooked from the first page. Mostly because it didn’t start out in a way I expected.

Blurb from the back of the book:

Rylee has got used to a life on the move. Always looking over her shoulder, never making friends, and keeping family secrets.

Then everything changes one fateful afternoon. Rylee comes home from school to find the man who raised her lying in a pool of blood and her mother gone. All Rylee has is her mom’s instruction written in her dad’s blood. A single chilling word that Rylee will come to know all too well… RUN.

So Rylee runs, hunting for answers, and for her father’s killer.

She never imagined that the horrifying truth would lie som close to home….

Rylee is (of course) the main character, her little brother Hayden is in the story, but it kind of feels like he is just an extra. Hayden is two-dimensional, not three-dimensional like Rylee. All through the book we are inside Rylee’s head, in her thoughts. Sure, her family has pretty much always been on the run, but some of what happens are a little unbelievebal, at least to me…

The book does show what you can be willing to do for family, and sometimes other people. You can not, however, always control what happens to you.

It’s a fairly short book (244 pages), and mostly a quick read. A little food for thought though: If someone has lied about something one time, would you believe that it was actually true the next time they told you something, or would you assume that it was just another lie? (It’s kind of like screaming wolf, wolf…) Sometimes it’s hard to separate the lies from the truth. And if someone has told you something your hole life, and all of a sudden it  turns out not to be what you have been told, what would you do? And who would you trust with the knowledge you eventually acuired?

What I liked about the book:

  • The start, not the usual one 🙂
  • Rylees determination to save her mother.
  • Rylees way of handling things.
  • The ending.

Dislikes of the book:

  • Rylees interaction with her little brother (yes, he is little, but it’s his mother too).
  • The aunt.
  • That it seems to be a serie (a Vengeance novel; I have to many books on my TBR list).
  • The ending.
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