Lover avenged

Lover avenged is book seven in the black dagger brotherhood serie by J. R. Ward. It’s been a while since I read the first six books in the serie. Which is probably why some of the things didn’t quite make sense to me, just because I didn’t remember.

This book is mostly about Rehvenge, who is not only a vampyre, but also half sympath. His kind is supposed to be shipped of somewhere in the north, because they tend to mess a little to much with other peoples heads. So far Rehvenge has managed to hide who he is, but that seems to be about to change. We also get to meet Ehlena, a female vampyre who works in the vampyre hospital as a nurse. That is where she mets Rehvenge. She tries to help him, but his world is about to go up in flames (quite literally), so that is not an easy task. We also get a little get-together with Xhex, and learn a little more about her.

The book goes even deeper into the war that is going on, but since there are several more books in the serie, the war isn’t exactly ending quite yet…. It’s a thick book (815 pages), but I still can’t say to much, simply because I wouldn’t want to risk ruin the plot for anyone. But even though the book is thick, it was still a quick read. I can’t wait to read the next one 🙂

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