The darkest minds

It’s a dark world, and many dark minds in this book; The darkest minds by Alexandra Bracken. But there are some bright ones to 🙂

Ruby used to be just like every other kid, but then something happend. The kids started dying, very suddenly. In some ways they were the lucky ones. The ones that survived developed “abilities”, some more scaring than others. The surviving kids were sent to rehabilitation camps, because their parents couldn’t control them, and some were down right scared of their own kids. For Ruby it was a little different, she didn’t know what she had done, but one morning her parents all of a sudden didn’t know her anymore. To them it was like she had never existed. That could be scary for anyone, all of a sudden not exist in the eyes of your loved ones; for Ruby it was even more frightening; after all, she was only ten years old when it happend.

Likes with the book:

  • the abilities the kids had
  • Ruby
  • what length some would go to both for their own and others survival

Dislikes with the book:

  • the color-coded abilities; what kind of abilities they were (not enough explained)
  • how the society did believe so easy that their kids were sent to rehabilitation camps

I liked how the different kids banded together to help each other out. What always puzzels me with these kind of societies that are shown in this book is how fast everyone seem to be brainwashed. With that I mean that yes, new abilities in kids (spesially ones you can’t control) are scary, but looking them up that fast without more investigation? Just seems wrong to me. That the society just turns a blind eye to almost avoid knowing what the rehabilitation camps really are. They just believe what the government do is what is best for them. At least to me it didn’t seem like they asked any questions about it. Are they really that dense about what can happen if they don’t ask qustions?

After reading the book I feel like I am a little left in the dark when it comes to the color-coding of the kids’ abiblities; and what the different colors can do. Sure, it might be because I read stories I like fast, so I don’t always remember all the details, but still… I would at least like to think that I would have remembered some more about it… So if anyone out there could explain what the different colors can do with their abilities to me, that would have been great 🙂

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